Danny and the Scatman

a documentary by Peter Nicks

Danny Kremer is a young teen from Pittsburgh who is well on his way to realizing his dream of following in the footsteps of Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni. John "Scatman" Larkin is an established musician who struggled for years as an unknown jazz artist until de decided one day that his "disability" could sell a bunch of records. In this video you will meet two people whose life struggle has produced two distinctly unforgetable stories. Also interviewed in the video are Danny's mother and his speech therapist, Kevin Eldridge.

The 30 minute video can be ordered for $25 from
PON Productions
29 Fairview Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94610

or by contacting the director at ponicks@yahoo.com or 510-652-4147.

The sale of this documentary is a not-for-profit venture. All profits will go toward a scholarship fund.

last modified December 1, 1999