"When I Stutter"

a story by Blake, age 8

When I stutter, sometimes I feel upset and sad. I usually don't like it because it hurts my feelings a lot. I don't want to talk in front of my class because I'm afraid that I might stutter. Even if someone teases me, I just ignore them. If I do stutter, I need to stretch my words out and take my time. My speech helpers sometimes make me stutter a lot. It's very hard to talk right when you're stuttering. Sometimes my mom helps me talk. She tells me to stretch my words out just like at Speech. It makes me feel better.

added March 24, 1999

My thoughts a year later

by Blake, age 9

When I stutter sometimes I do not feel well but sometimes I get upset and sometimes I play basketball to make myself feel better but sometimes I feel better.

Sometimes I go to speech. And they teach me how to use my easy speaking voice. I use light touch to make my speech feel better. And sometimes Jane and I go play basketball. We choose three things. And those are hard touch, light touch, and sliding. One time Lynne and I beat my speech teacher in basketball. Sometimes you get candy if you win. You get a point for stuttering and points for baskets. One time I beat my dad in stuttering and the score was 111 to 61. One time I beat a college student. His name was Paul. He stutters too. Paul lost the round against me. And we stuttered and we played basketball, too. It was neat seeing another person stuttering. You should try it too, if you want. added April 20, 2000