Assignment for Speech

Lester L., 10 (nearly 11), Philadelphia, Pa.

I think that inside my mouth there is something wrong with me. And that is why I'm going to speech therapy to help my speaking. I have to take my time and be brave. I think my body is ready to talk but my mouth isn't. If I take my time I think I will be all right. But it is very hard because I want to be like everybody else. It's hard being different from everyone else. I'm lucky that I have such supportive parents and friends to help me get through my problem. I've learned that real friends do listen and I love them for it. :-)
added July 11, 1997

Things To Do When You Stutter

by Brett K. Age 9, Canada

(note - Brett's speech teacher added the words in the brackets).

  • - Stop speaking or reading your sentence and start the word over (Cancellations)
  • - Take a big breath before talking so there is enough air to talk on
  • - For the ch, k, p, d, b sounds put a soft h (light contacts) on the front of the word
  • - Do slow speech and easy starts
  • - Do continous speech for hard sentences
  • - Don't look directly at the person so you don't talk as fast
  • - When you get stuck, stop and read the word again (cancellations)
  • - When you're excited, slow down and then talk (slow, easy speech)
    The End

    added June 21, 1998

    Stutter Problem

    by Michael C., age 9, Canada

    I hate repeating my words. I feel it bouncing right down to my toes. I try to stop talking fast. I want to stop stuttering but I can't; it's like I don't want to talk. So that's that and I hope it stops.
    added June 21, 1998


    by Joshua A., age 7, Canada

    Stuttering makes me feel ...

    The End
    added June 21, 1998