My Stuttering Life and Stuttering Information

by Manveet., 11 year old girl

When I first realized that I had a stuttering problem, I was in grade 3. People always ask me "Why do you talk so funny? Why do you always talk like: 'ww-ww-what are you d-d-d-doing?'" I just couldn't take it, so I went to speech class. I went for 1 period 2 times a week. I hated going there. For three months I went to India. After I came back I stopped going to my speech class. In grade 5 I improved my stuttering a little bit. Now this summer I'm going to another speech class. Six other people are going there too. My family told me I've improved my stuttering quite a bit.

For other people who stutter you don't need to be embarrassed or ashamed because you are not alone.

I have a few suggestions for other people who stutter:

Remember though you stutter, you are still a normal and special person.

added July 20, 1998