My Stuttering Problem

Pauline B., (grade 7), Westampton Middle School

The first time I knew I had a problem was when everybody started to make fun of me. In the middle of first grade, everybody started to make fun of me. Then I started seeing a speech therapist. I did not know why. We played speech games and sometimes worksheets. I learned that I had a problem with my speaking. I understood my problem a little bit, but not all the way. The way I understood it was whenever I said a word I kept on repeating it. After a few years, I came to Westampton Middle School and started seeing Mrs. Simpson. We started Making My Own Way workbook. I feel like I have improved my talking by talking slowly and sliding into the first letter of the word. I tell myself that I can do it, and then I do it. I close my eyes and practice relaxing breathing. I practice my sentences over and over so my mom can understand me. My speech buddy, Amanda, always tells me to calm down or take a deep breath when Iím upset or excited. Sheís a good friend because she helps me when I need some help with my problems.

The End
added January 8, 2004