by Tanya, age 12

Do you know what stuttering is? Stuttering is blocked, bumpy or broken speech. Stuttering is also called stammering. Stuttering emotions can be changed by the way you act. For example, anger or excitement may make it worse. If you stutter just remember it is not your fault. Stuttering is normal to everyday life.

Symptoms for stuttering might be talking too fast or getting teased by many different people. Some people judge you by the way you talk. Some people don't even know or don't care if you stutter.

Some treatments for stuttering might be to slow down when you talk, try not to have a lot of strong feelings. Another might be to see a speech-language pathologist. Some way for parents to help their kids might be to take a few minutes out of their time and give all their attention to the child.

Some adjustments might be just do what you can without getting strong feelings, just do your best and ignore people when they tease you. The main thing is to just be you!

There are many different stutterers that are famous. The only two I know are Bruce Willis and James Earl Jones. Do you know who Bruce Willis was? He was a famous movie star. Do you know who James Earl Jones was? He was an actor.

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added November 28, 2001