Many children found Key Pals which functioned for over 15 years and was discontinued at the end of 2012 Children are encouraged to contact FRIENDS - the association of young people who stutter which runs a similar program called "Stepping Up"
Some history of Key Pals

Key Pals was for children who stutter, who wanted to email privately to each other about anything they are interested in, including their stuttering. Becoming a Key Pal was helpful for children learning to cope with stuttering, working on therapy, or simply trying to find new friends who understand what it is like to stutter.

Parents or speech clinicians of children who stutter were invited to send a paragraph written by children about themselves, including only their first name, age, and some of the things they are interested in. A signed permission slip was required to be in the child's speech file. An example of a permission slip was available. Parents and clinicians were encouraged to do an initial screening of anyone who responded to be sure the Key Pal was appropriate for your child/client.

Keypals was provided as a service to children. Users of this service agreed to hold the Stuttering Home Page harmless for any damages that may arise from its use.

last modified December 19, 2012