Books Recommended By Kids and Others

I like this one book. It's called Listen With Your Heart. It's by Jon Albach. It tells about childhood, kids that tell about their fears and their disorders. The chapter I like the most is the Ice Cream one when her dad forces her to talk to the employers to get a hot fudge sundae, but she has a hard time getting the word out. Then she finally speaks softly and says it right off the bat. Now she's an adult so it's easier for her now. (by Lindsey Torri, 12 yrs old).
I read Mary Marony and the Snake. It was a good book because it had a snake in it. I'm glad that Mary moved to a new school because then she had a speech teacher that helped her about her stuttering. (by Dylan E. Age 7 years)
The Adventures of Phil Carrot: The Forest of Discord is a fast-moving, action packed story that would keep the attention of young people, whether they stuttered or not. It is clearly about stuttering and the pain that so many who have been teased and bullied by the problem experience. However, it seems to me that the story makes it a good child's book regardless of stuttering. It would be a nice addition to reading lists for young readers everywhere. The obvious lessons are made clear, but there are others that one might need to think about for a long time. I'm not sure I know why the box robbed Glo of his energy for a short time -- I probably missed something. But, even if there is no lesson there, it adds to the intrigue. Maybe a teacher could give "stars" for a kid who recognizes the Etah and Wollof are Hate and follow in the backward mentality of the Forest of Discord.

The illustrations are excellent. Kim and Michael have provided a much-needed addition to the very small list of books that we could make available to youngsters who stutter and their families or teachers. It shows how one can triumph over stuttering and still stutter and how others can be won-over from derision to cooperation given honest and accurate information about stuttering.

(reviewed by Kenneth St. Louis, Ph.D., West Virginia University Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. The book can be ordered from Michael's home: 7626 Valentine St. Oakland, Ca.94605 email at

last updated December 2, 1999