Why Kids Make Fun Of Other Kids

To my daughter:

My daughter, my love, I wish to tell you some things. I know sometimes you may not understand everything I'm about to write you, but you will, in time. You see, I want to see you succeed in life, triumph. I want you to be the best you can be, in spite of stuttering. All my knowledge, everything I've ever been through, will be yours to read over and over again. You are my life's work, my dear. You make me so proud!

What we're going to talk about is how you can succeed in life. You will do so well in school! Sure, you'll face some pretty tough situations, and maybe the object of some ridicule, but we'll be prepared for this, my dear. We'll face this together!

We're going to discuss, first of all, why kids make fun of other kids.

People are always trying to "measure up" to someone else. What I mean is that sometimes, people compare themselves to another person, and then determine whether or not they're "better" than that person. And, sometimes, when people think of you as better than they are, they begin to poke fun at you....laugh at you. This kind of person actually feels better about themself when they can laugh at another person. When they highlight a "weakness" of yours, they think it makes them better than you. This is common among younger people. But just because a person is short, tall, has braces, wears glasses, or stutters, doesn't make them inferior to anyone else. The person that makes fun of you is far from perfect. They may be "cool" now, but they are very insecure about themselves. That is why they make fun of you, because they see something in you that makes them believe you are better than they are. Honey, don't laugh with them. Just look them in the eye, put a little smile on your lips, and walk away. Not matter how upset you are, don't let them see this. If they see you upset, they win. I want you to win!

Everyone has something they think is "wrong" with them. If they can't change this "wrong," it holds them back from doing what they want to do. So they become unhappy, and wish they were someone else. But you are a wonderful person, my love, and I don't want you to change at all! Next, we'll talk about what makes a person happy with themselves.


added April 16, 1998