What is confidence?

To my daughter:

My dear, what is confidence? How does a person judge whether or not they're doing good? Is a person who stutters just as important as everyone else? Can they expect to achieve everything they want to in life?

Confidence comes from within. Confidence is understanding what you can do well; realizing how much you are loved, by your family, your friends, and especially, your Dad! Some people may look down on a person that stutters, but they're wrong! Look at all you can do. How many others in your class, your school, are as beautiful, as intelligent, as loving, as caring as you are? Not very many! You're just like Daddy, honey, because you have a "gift." When you set your mind on something, you do it! Remember the first time you skied? Rode your bike? Skated? There's so much more you'll do in your life! We'll have so many good times in the future!

If people look at us and call us "Stutterers," it just proves how shallow, or inferior their thinking is. Think of how the world would be if everyone was called by one of their characteristics. You'd walk down the street and say "hello" to "Fatty", "Shorty", "Big Nose", etc. We just don't do that, do we? When your friends, and your family, think of you, we think of how smart you are, how you love your pets, and how brave you are. We are so very proud of you!

You know you can do anything you want to in life. Stuttering will only hold you back if you let it. We'll talk about that later.

Your Dad

added April 18, 1998