Different types of treatments and therapies

To my Daughter:

My daughter, my sweetheart, I wish to talk to you now about the different types of treatments and therapies. Many exist; and numerous methods abound. You'll hear people make many claims about their "cure" rate. If you wish to explore any of these, you know I'll support you all the way.

But, you know, you'll come to find out that the keys to having a successful life, in spite of stuttering, will be at your disposal. You already possess many of these qualities. Through observation of others, and listening to what they have to say, often prompts thoughts relative to your life. You may agree or disagree with what others have to say about stuttering. The important goal is that you gather the ideas, the thoughts, that apply to you. The information you can use. Everything that applies to another may not apply to you...you cannot lead someone else's life. But you can use SOME of what this one says, and SOME of what that one says, in formulating your own method of dealing with stuttering. I am so proud of you, and how you demonstrate to me over and over again how great of a thinker you are. You have to decide for yourself how to live your life. When someone says, "Well, if you are a PWS, you must accept this way of life, or you must approach a problem this way...", remind yourself that we're all different, and must chart our own course. Sometimes it may seem that another's opinion is fact. Especially one much older than yourself. But remember, you have to distinguish what applies to you and what doesn't. Then, add this to your collection of ideas and thoughts making up your own determination regarding stuttering. Take the good from this one, the good from that article, the good from a seminar you've attended, and combine this information. Use it together, and constantly add to this knowledge. Your view towards stuttering will change with further enlightenments, as you get older. Remember one truth, however; that a person who stutters can live an above average life, achieve every goal set for themselves, and can fulfill their dreams! This applies especially to you!


added May 19, 1998