The second story was sent anonymously. His story and some of the answers he got are below: I am in 8th grade and this has been the worst stuttering year ever! In PE I pass by a couple of weeks with stutter free "here's. Then I have to comment on some aimless thing. I slowly torture myself through my sentences. Then my worst nightmare comes true. The teacher thinks I'm trying to be funny by stuttering. Everyday he goes, "Cut it out." I try to admit to him that I stutter. But actually saying it out loud is devastating for my already hurt self esteem. He finally believes me after weeks of trying to catch me off guard. When realizes that I am telling the truth he gives an apology but I am already ashamed of my stuttering.
I think you should talk to your parents about what happened with your teacher. Then they could call your teacher and have a conference to talk about stuttering.

From: Anthony, 9, 4/23/01

I would talk to the teacher to let them know that I really DO stutter. I would ask him please don't make fun of me and if he still didn't believe me, I would have my parents come and talk the teacher. I would try to ignore him if he continued to make fun of me. People make fun of me too, and I ignore them. This helps me. I would also try to use slow talking to see if I stopped stuttering.

From: Kristen, 10/16/01

Two other junior high school students wrote sharing that they know how the person who wrote the story feels.