Some Ways I Have Been Teased About My Stuttering

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  • I have been teased about my speech because I say M-M-M-m. (from Lisa, age 10)

  • I was made fun of from my cousins when I was younger. They went "and, and, and." (from Micah age 11)

  • When I stuttered they imitated me, not in a nice way. (from Matthew age 11)

  • I was made fun of when I stuttered because people thought it was funny. (from Taryn age 12)

  • Kids always mimic me and laugh at me when I stutter. (Michael Age 11).

  • When I am at Karate some kids go, "O-o-ok I-i-i won't m-m-make f-fun o-o-o-of y-y-o-ouuuuu." (Mike, 11)

  • Criss made fun of me because when I talk I sound like a robot. That is what he called me. This is how I sound -- mmmmy dddddog hhhad ppppuppies ttthis wwweek. (Hannah, 8)

  • Some kids say "hey,you talk funny " then they go tell other kids. (from Nicholas age 9)

  • I have a kind of teasing for stuttering. It is kind of like a silent treatment, where they treat you like you had a mental problem, when you don't, so then they don't want to be friends with you because of that thought. And it's hard, because they might tell someone else and start a rumor about that you have a mental problem, when you don't. (Ali, 12)

  • When I talk they say "shut up". Some friends say next time to take your time so people won't be rude to you. (Recardo, Age 9, 4th grade)

  • I've been teased by the way I say my D's, my S'sand my B's. (Kris, age 10)

  • A lot of times kids tease me at school about my stuttering, like for example I'll ask them "How's it going" and they will say "Gggoooddd wwwwhattt abbbout yyyyyou?" and "I'll just say your stuttering is more horrible than mine maybe you should see a speech pathologist." (Brent, age 14)

  • My friend Matthew teases me about stuttering. He copies the way I talk. (Dylan, age 6, 1st grade)

  • People go "stutter mouth running nose freak" and sometimes people make rude comments (cuss) to me because I stutter. My Mom and Dad tell me not to cuss so I think it is an odd thing that kids cuss at me. (Michael, age 6)

  • I am teased on the bus. (Anisa, age 11)

  • Sometimes my friends good naturedly call me Porky Pig. I don't mind that, but when kids mimic me I get mad. (Kelly, age 10)

  • Sometimes people make fun of me at lunch and say get out of my way stupid stutter boy. (no name, Age13)

  • Some people call me funny names and that is not fun being called names. Some people make fun of me and they are in speech. (Asa, age 8)

  • My big brother teases me. He picks on me when I try to get a word out. He call me an idiot. (from Ryan, age 9)

  • I am teased by my older brother. He makes fun of me when I can't get my words out. (from Kelsey, age 8)

  • One way I have been teased about my stuttering is other kids copy what I say. (from Steven, age 8)

  • Mostly they say that they imitate me and they go "ah-ah-" they make fun of my speech and they stare at me when I talk. (William age 12)

  • My friend and I have NEVER, EVER been teased about stuttering but, we do stutter. My brother, who is eight, and also stutters, has been teased. I think this is because I'm in 5th grade and I'm muscular. (from Bernard age 11)

  • Every time I talk American (English) I stutter. I do words two times. And people say, 'Ha Ha, you stutter, I don't.' (from Vitaliy, age 11)

  • I've been teased for stuttering - e.g., when I say something and I stutter like, "hheyy, ggguyyss!" they go like this, " hhheyy lllannna, hhhowww arrre yyouuu?" there's some more teasing and also from my sister! but she can be really nice! ( from Lana age 12)

  • They tease me and talk about me because I stutter. They make fun of me because of how I look when I stutter because sometimes I tap my leg or stomp. (from Lewis, age 11)

  • Sometimes I get teased by my friends because I stutter. They say the same thing and laugh at me while I'm saying my words. (Jaime B. 8 years old).

  • Once while I was talking to an adult, I was stuttering on the "a" sound and the adult mocked me. I felt very angry. I didn't say anything to her, I just walked away. From that moment on my trust for that person changed. She is the adult, she should know better. I used to think she was a really kind person and a caregiver that was there for me. Now my feelings have changed about her. (Kyle, age 10)

  • My cousin Tim teases me about my stuttering by saying I "act like a retard." (note from Judy - not only is Tim being mean to tease you about stuttering, he is also being very mean to another group of people - those who have problems with learning. I hope your parents will talk to your aunt and uncle about what he is doing).

  • People tease me all the time. When I try to talk they say, "Nnnnnnooooo." They also ask me if they can have a pencil but like,"CCCCCaaaannn IIIIIII hhhhhaaavvveee aaaaa ppppeeencillllllllll?" My speech teacher, Mrs.Hubbard is very nice to me and my friend Josh. We both stutter and are in the same class. It isn't very fun to be made fun of and I think if one day they had the same problem I have they would not make fun of me because they would know how it feels. (Champam, 12)

  • People make fun of me because I STUTTER and now they do it because I go to speech therapy. They say, "If you t-t-t-t-talk like th-th-th-this then you weren't born r-r-r-r-right." (Rebecca)

  • I like participating in class, but when I'm answering questions (and stutter) I always hear whispers of people imitating my stuttering and giggling. Even when I'm not stuttering I can hear them imitate me in a stuttering voice. The other day this kid name Scott goes and says "It's funny when you stutter." Then when I tried to tell him to buzz off, he imitated me with every word, even though I hardly stuttered. I've stuttered since I was 7 (3rd grade), but started getting poked fun at when I was 10. (6th grade). From David (age 13, 8th grade).

  • When I am in class and we are reading out loud, classmates call on me just to laugh at me.

    I don't stutter But kids at my school do. And I feel sorry because they always get teased. People Call the boys "Stuttering Stanley" and Girls "Stuttering Sue." (from Shayla, age 13)

  • Some times people ask me, Why do you stutter?". (from John Paul, age 8)

  • My brother teases me. When I stutter he says "The bbbball bounces". He calls me a broken record. (from Jimmy Ray, age 6)

  • This one girl always sings that song on the radio that goes "s-s-s-stuttering t-t-t-tikken me off t-t-t-tikken me off" and it is like she just lives off teasing me. (Riley age 12)

  • Some big kids on the bus kept repeating themselves. And they laughed. I just try to ignore them but that doesn't work. (Caine, age 8)

  • Some people at school are like, "H-h-hey, you-you-you s-s-s-sound like a re-re-retard" and pick on me even more if I say anything back to them. (Matthew age 14)

  • Sometimes kids ignore me because they can't wait till I am finished with my sentence.(from Andy age 11)

  • I was teased by a middle school boy saying that I'm the ugliest girl in the whole school. (no name)

  • I got teased by my friend Brandon. Sometimes when I stutter he makes fun of me. I tried to ignore him, but it didn't work. (Ashley age 7)

  • Kidstease me on the bus and in the class. Like Dayron B. they calll me bad bad words and say wwwwhhen aaare yyyyooou gggggggoiiinnnggg ttoo ggggeetttt ttttthhhaaat pppppuuppppyyyy. (Kirsten, age 10)

  • I was teased by a boy in my class when I was answering a question and I stuttered. He whispered "you look stupid when you talk." (Michelah, 8 years)

  • My name is Ray. I want to tell you about a girl who made fun of my stuttering on Valentine's Day. Everybody got an envelope from Amber, on the flap it said, "Name is cool." But mine said, " H-H-Hey Ray!" She was making fun of my stuttering. This made me sad. This was unexpected, on a day all about happiness. (Ray, age 11)
  • I have been teased a lot. People laugh at me a lot. People have said"What's wrong with you, John?" (from John, age 7).

  • I studder all the time and my teacher sayed shutup and broke my heart (no name or age given)

  • Kids make fun of my voice. (Amber, 9 - grade 4)

  • Kids tease me and call me "Stutter Box" when I stutter. (Coley, 10 - grade 4)

  • One way is when I jump up and down and when I move my arms and legs they tease me. (Alexey 8)

  • I've been made fun of for 8 years. Kids say "you go to speech class hahahahahhahahaha"! (Cameron, age 11)

  • People make fun of me because I stutter a lot. This is how I sound "mmmme". (from Kayla, age 9)

  • When I am reading in school especially on the first day of school kids come up to me and say why do you read and talk that way cause I have a stutter block and I pause for a long period of time between my words. (from Shian, age 12)

  • I've been teased because I was saying "the, the, the." And Tommy said mean stuff about me. He said, "Quit stuttering!" and he called me a baby. (Connor age 8)

  • My cousin teased me about my stuttering. He said -"t,t,t,t,t today junior". (David 8 years old)

  • I've never been teased but they ask me why I talk like that.(Jason age 11)

  • Some people make fun of me when I say a word with an s in it, because i can't say it correctly. (Brooke age 10)

  • I've been teased by my own brother because he keeps on telling me to, "Spit it out" and people keep asking me, "Why do I stutter?" and it makes me feel sad and mad. - Teresa, age 10

  • I have been teased by one particular friend about my stutter. For example I'll be speaking to her and start to stutter and she'll say something like " Wwwwwwwhy are youuuuuu sttttttuttering" and then laugh. It really hurts my feelings that she is being so deliberately nasty. - Caroline aged 16

  • I have never been teased, but people ask me why I talk like this. (Marcus, age 8)

  • When I stutter my friends called me stutterboy and laugh. (Kenley Age 9)

  • Sometimes, the other kids tease me & ask me to stop stuttering. They also say that I am hard to hear when speaking. I feel embarassed when people make fun of me when I stutter. I am working hard on my stuttering goals with my speech teacher. He is a good teacher! (Dilorah, grade 5)

  • Some people say, "You don't know how to talk," and then laugh. Usually they come in groups. They say the same things I say like when I say come hee-e-e-ere to play-ay-ay-ay. Once one boy called me an idiot just because of my speech. (Atte, age 7, 2nd grade).

  • "People make fun of me because they say I sound like an idiot to them. P.S. It makes me mad." (Nic, age 9)

  • Some ways I have been teased about my speech: People who tease me "fake" stutter at me. Some people also laugh at me. (Tre, age 10)

  • My friend imitates me, like saying um, um, um, um. (anonymous)

  • People imitate me when I try to say words when I stutter. And not in a good way. (Will, age 8)

  • People thought I was laughing but I wasn't laughing when I was stuttering. (Kevin, age 8)

  • I stutter and I have never been teased. I believe it is because at the beginning of each school year I give a presentation to my class.I tell them facts about stuttering and how the body makes speech. (Camden, age 7)

  • Some ways I have been teased because of my stuttering!
      (Maya, age 12)
    1. People call me a broken record.
    2. My brothers tease me when they feel mad.
    3. My uncle Don tries to help me with my stuttering. I'm his favorite niece!

  • When I talk in class, they all stare at me weird. When I pause, some kid just says, "That took forever." (Veronica, age 11, 6th grade)

  • I am teased when i stutter for example,w hen i stuttered in class people mimicked me and didn't talk to me saying "stuttering is contagious" (Arwah, age12)

  • i have been teased by kids at school for just saying "and and and" and "but but but". My parents tell me to just repeat the words they say to me (Yusuf age 10)

  • A way I've been teased for my stuttering is my friends mocking me when I stutter. Then I feel the need to apologize (Shealee age 12)

  • I would be speaking out loud and get stuck on pretty much every word beginning with a consonant. Either people would walk away, start a new conversation, or mimic me and laugh. (Alex F. age 13)

  • I have been teased many times. Kids say, "Why do you talk like that?" They act like I am a different person. Sometimes when I say HHHHHHHHi I get nervous." Aaliyah (age 9)

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