Receive a promotion? Get hitched? Expecting a baby? Had something happen that you'd like to share? This column keeps members up to date on what's been going on in our NSP family. So give us the scoop in a card, letter, or e mail. And if you have any good NSP photos, send 'em along (with captions).

A recent letter from Derrick Terrell at Camp Casey, Korea, said that "l would like to start up a chapter of the NSP for the purpose of providing stutterers like myself with support....I already have a copy of your chapter manual. My main concern is this: considering my location, would starting up a chapter be a problem here? If not...I intend to proceed and eagerly await your response." A Korea chapter? Wow! We jumped at the chance. Office manager Tammy Ybarra has now been corresponding with Derrick and even had a phone call from him the other day. It's apparent that Derrick's a real mover and shaker--he's already lined up four people!

Just a reminder: the Canadian Stuttering Conference-1996 will be held on August 15-17 at the Saint John Hilton International Hotel, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Dr. Carl Dell and Benson Bobrick, author of Knotted Tongues, have signed up as keynote speakers. Speak Easy exec director Mike Hughes says there's a great line-up of interesting workshops, but not to forget that maritimers have a reputation for loving a good party. So expect lots of dancing, sightseeing and great gustatory interludes. For information and registration forms contact Speak Easy at 506696-6799. You can also e-mail them at speakez@hbnet.nb.ca.

Mary Wood, a member from Ontario, is famous for "l Love Me Specially When I Stutter" bookmarks that she gives away at self-help conventions. Now Mary has added to her notoriety in the lower 50. On Sunday, April 21st she visited the NSP chapter in Buffalo where she conducted a mini-workshop, and the turnout was terrific. Chapter president Bonnie Weiss said that, as expected, Mary left the members who attended feeling pumped up and ready to go.

Here's yet another convention for your calendar. Speak Easy (USA) is presenting its Symposium XV at Montclair State University in New Jersey on June 7-9. Keynoters include Dr. Gene Cooper; Dr. Bruce Naidaff, Director of Development of CUNY Medical School; and Larry Lindstrom who teaches in the Morris County, NJ school system. You can call 201-262-0895 for more information. Based on people's enthusiasm for previous Speak Easy symposiums, this is another "must attend" event.

Three cheers for NSP members Lee Reeves and"Scatman" John Larkin who have just been chosen to receive major awards by the National Council on Communicative Disorders, to be presented at the 15th Anniversary Communication Awards on September 18 at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. Lee and John join a distinguished group of prior recipients that includes, James Earl Jones, Marlee Matlin, Sen. Robert Dole, Pearl Bailey, Ron Brown, Henry Cisneros and the President himself, Bill Clinton. In their letter to Lee, the National Council said "your efforts to help others understand and work with stuttering is a major contribution, and your personal and professional achievements are a model for all persons to emulate." To John, who is receiving the Charles Van Riper Communication Award, the National Council wrote,"your personal and professional achievements and your attitude towards stuttering--as demonstrated in the song you wrote and perform--are a model for all persons to emulate." Lee and John, we all couldn't be more proud of you, and the lingering applause after the ceremony is concluded will be from NSP members all over the country.