The following Special Report appeared in the ASHA Magazine, February 1964, p. 41.

The American Speech and Hearing Association presents



Bryng Bryngelson

Know ye all that one in our membership has bestowed special gifts upon our profession and upon our Association; his contributions in all particulars have been unique and transcendent. This man, when our treasurer, served the young association with great zeal; and ASHA greatly profited by his stewardship. As ASHA president he led us successfully in a difficult era; and his charm of personality made friends for our association. As a scholar he has attacked scientific problems with imagination; and he has opened new doors for researchers to enter. As a researcher he himself has been receptive of the thoughts of others; and he has been humbly critical of his own opinions. As a teacher he has inspired his students to seek after knowledge; and his gift for such inspiration is unbounded and unfailing. As a clinician he has taken such an interest in his patients that they have been profoundly and permanently benefited by his therapy. As a university professor he hold to the tenet that truth is not a goal or destination; but he maintains on the contrary that truth is a direction of travel. His professional life is characterized by the old Latin poem "Astra castra, numen lumen," which translated into "His camp is the firmament and his light is divinity."

Therefore, be it resolved that the Honors of the Association be awarded to ASHA officer, scholar, teacher, clinican, university professor, and philosopher. -- BRYNG BRYNGELSON.

Biographical Summary

Bryng Bryngelson, Speech Pathologist, b. Otisco, Minnesota, April 22, 1892.

Carleton College, 1912-1916, B.A.; 1st Headquarters Company Infantry, Camp Dodge, 1918-1919; Instructor, Department of Speech, Carleton College 1919-1920; Yale University Graduate School, 1920-1921; 1921 Fellow, Department of Speech, State University of Iowa; Professor of Speech and Psychology, Hanover College; 1924-1926, Instructor, Speech Department, State University of Iowa; M.S., 1926; 1926-1927, Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Department of Speech; 1927, founded and directed Speech Clinic, University of Minnesota; 1931, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology and Speech Pathology, State University of Iowa; 1931, established Speech Clinic, Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota; Clinical Professor Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, 1932; Founder Aphasia Clinic V.A. Hospital, 1945; 1933, Director of Speech Pathology and in 1940, Professor of Speech, University of Minnesota; 1960 Professor Emeritus, Speech and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota.

1932, Fellow Asha; Treasurer, 1933-1942; President, 1943-1944; Life Member, 1960.

Visiting Professor -- 193801942 (summers), 1946, N.W. University (summer); University of Florida, 1950; University of Buffalo, 1961 (summer); University of Syracuse, 1962 (summer); University of Hawaii, 1964 (spring semester).

Senior author, Know Thyself; Speech in Classroom and Speech Cards, Speech Correction Through Listening; Personality -- (Getting Next to Yourself (in press). Research and publications in heredity of lefhandedness, stuttering and allied speech disorders, clinical investigations of personality development, brainedness, laterality in strabismus and delinquents, season of birth of stutterers and articulation defectives.

Membership -- Sigma Xi, Who's Who, Hon. N.W. Pediatrics Society, American Medical Writers Assoc., American Men of Science, Leaders in American Education, Psi Chi. Past M.A.P.A.

Region, Humanist; Politics, Independent.

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