The Van Ripers Remember Bryngelson

John Van Riper (son of Charles Van Riper) recalls, "I knew Bryng - but not well. I was very young but remember him visiting the old farmhouse a couple of times alone, and once with his wife. My mother used to be in complete awe of him and often said "He was the most complete charmer she ever met. My mother worked for Bryng after college graduation while my father was going to graduate school in Minnesota. In fact he drove up there one weekend to see her and that's where he proposed marriage." (personal correspondence, April 29, 1999) The autobiography which Charles Van Riper wrote in his eighties contains some accounts of Bryng Bryngelson. Excerpts are printed below with the permission of John Van Riper. Van Riper also related other interesting information about Bryngelson. In "An Early History of ASHA" printed in the ASHA magazine, November 1981, Van Riper recalls: