International Stuttering Awareness Day

October 22, 1998, has been declared International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD). The day has been selected by the International Fluency Association (IFA) and the International Stuttering Association (ISA). The ISAD hopes the day will show consumers and professionals working together to make this a better world for People Who Stutter. The following suggestions may be used to help celebrate the first International Stuttering Awareness Day.

1. Sample Proclamation declaring October 22, 1998, International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) in your area.

WHEREAS, today, millions of adults and children face the 
	daily challenge of living with a stutter; and
WHEREAS, today, these adults and children who stutter can find help
through the combined efforts of speech-language professionals
and consumer support organizations; and
WHEREAS, today, countries all over the world will be increasing
public awareness and supporting people who stutter through
educational workshops as part of the world's largest stuttering
event, the first annual International Stuttering Day.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, (name of mayor/governor/president of city
council) of (town/city/state/country) do hereby proclaim
October 22, 1998:
WITNESS MY HAND and the Official Seal of (town/city/state/ country), mayor's/governor's/president of city council's

2. Write a letter to the editor about ISAD. Newspaper writers love a good human interest story. Share how stuttering has affected your life, or contact a speech clinic in your area to find a person who stutters, or a parent, who is willing to tell his or her story. There is no shortage of experiences, since stuttering affects so many people and in so many different ways.

3. Host an ISAD Workshop the weekend before or after October 22 at your local speech clinic.

4. Provide your local and/or school library with information and materials on stuttering from professional and consumer support organizations, or from the Stuttering Foundation of America.

5. Purchase an ISAD poster and display it in your community, school and speech clinic. (A copy of the poster is at the top of this page. They can be ordered by contacting Michael Sugarman).

6. Organize an internet chat room on October 22 to discuss stuttering.

7. For Children: Write a poem or song or draw a picture of your feelings about stuttering and display it at school or your local speech clinic; write a report for class on a famous person who stutters.

For more information on ISAD, contact Michael Sugarman by e-mail

added July 6, 1998