SPA 561.  ³In-Office Exam.²


            NOTE:            This task represents 20% of the final examination for the graduate stuttering course.  Students complete this task in my office.  The task is tape recorded so that the student and I can go over it for feedback.





Your task is to complete one or several phone calls, wherein you accomplish the following:


1.         Engage in approximately 14-20% percent words stuttered.


2.         Your pseudo-stuttering should be moderately severe, as would be the case for someone who is in about Van Riperıs Stage III, or Guitarıs Intermediate stuttering.  There should be some tensing and struggling, and some recoiling.  In addition to audible-vocalized stuttering, there should be examples of audible-nonvocalized stuttering and some examples of hard contacts/tense pauses/silent blocks.  (Some interjections/stallers/starters are ok – but you are not attempting to be extremely severe.)  STRIVE TO BE REALISTIC.


3.         During the course of your conversation, you are to engage in:


1.         Three Cancellations


2.         Three words on which you begin to stutter, and then ³freeze² and then demonstrate a good pullout.


If you can accomplish all of the above in just one phone call, then this is all that will be required.  If not, you may make additional phone calls until you successfully complete your assigned task.




3.         You do not need to give your correct name or phone number.  But if asked, you should probably be prepared to give some name, phone number, etc.


4.         If you get an answering machine, you can leave a voice mail message, with some name, phone number and a message.  During this time, you can do the stuttering, cancellations and pullouts.


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