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Memories of Shady Trails

Shady Trails was a "Speech Improvement Camp of the University of Michigan." Mimeographed material from 1962 stated that

In the summer of 1932, Mr. John M. started Camp Shady Trails for boys with speech problems. The idea of a camp for speech correction came to Mr. Clancy, who had learned to handle his own stuttering problem. Mrs. Clancy was also very interested in the camp. She has been the Camp Mother and the Dietitian since the camp first opened.

The location chosen for the camp was a wooded area on Grand Traverse Bay, just a few miles north of the present camp. All the activities took place in and around a small hotel and a few cottages.

There were only four boys at Shady Trails that first summer. The second year, six boys attended the camp. By the third year, 1934, the number of campers had grown to fifteen. After 15 years, the camp was bursting at the seams, and a move was made.

The present camp opened in 1947. Shady Trails now consists of 19 buildings. The Park Avenue, Roost, Neophytes, Wolverines, Cave, and the University Club are the names of the cabins in which the campers live. The women staff members live in the Hen House; Mr. and Mrs. Clancy have a cabin. There is also an infirmary, a language training room, a remedial reading room, and a cleft palate room. You may know the names of some of the other buildings. And of course you are familiar with the Lodge -- the building we use for meals, mifflers, variety shows, movies and Sunday morning assembly.

In 1949, the Kresge Foundation made it possible for the University of Michigan to take over the camp.

The purpose of Shady Trails Camp has been to present speech training and to provide situations in which boys can use what they are learning.

About 1200 boys between the ages of 8 and 26 have attended Shady Trails. At camp this summer, there are 91 boys from 19 different states and Venezuela and Canada. You will be learning, living and playing with these boys.

Speech Therapy In A Camp Setting: The Growth and Development of a Speech Habilitation Center article by John N. Clancy, M.S., Director, and David Prins, Ph.D., Assistant Director, The University of Michigan Speech Improvement Camp, prepared this Special Report about the camp. Reprinted with permission from ASHA Magazine, November 1963, p. 823-826

Shady Trails 1952
A ten and a half minute film narrated by Charles Sims, former camper and added here with permission of Lee Doyle, Director, Communications Policy and Administration Director, University of Michigan Film Office Chief Freedom of Information Officer.

Shady Trails Camp Directors

According to the History of Shady Trails the camp began in 1932. The following were camp directors

Following the 1994 season, the Board of Regents discontinued the camp activities at Shady Trails. Although people testified to try to keep Shady Trails open, the camp was officially closed on March 17, 1995. The University of Michigan Regents approved sale of 'U' property in 1996 (from

Shady Trails Update, 2002

The current Shady Trails Camp has a website with an interesting, brief History of the Camp.

  • If anyone has a more complete "history" of Shady Trails, please email me
  • Memories of Shady Trails are provided below by those who were there, either as campers or staff members. Those individuals who have provided an email link, would love to hear from other campers. If you were at Shady Trails and wish to add your memories, please email Judy Kuster
    A Shady Trails mailing list has been started by an alumnus, Russ Hick. The list is open to former campers, staff, and other interested parties. To learn more about the ShadyTrails group, please visit

  • Letter for Shady Trails Camp - 1965
  • Shady Trails Bulletin - 32 page booklet about Shady Trails published by the University of Michigan, probably in fall 1949, containing many photographs from 1948.
  • Four-page bulletin for Shady Trails Camp - 1965
  • Necrology: John Clancy - ASHA Magazine, December 1969.
  • Shady Trails Trivia Game developed by Tim Carter for the 2012 Shady Trails Camp Reunion.

    Pictures of Shady Trails Campers and Staff

    This is the beginning of a collection of the annual camp pictures of campers and staff from Shady Trails from 1932 (when it opened) - 1995 (when it closed). The pictures were sent to me in different sizes. You can enlarge them or make them smaller in your browser, or download them and enlarge them although the clarity will be compromised. There are potentially over 120 pictures, although it is not known when the tradition of camp pictures began. If anyone can fill in the MISSING blanks, please contact Judy Kuster - judith dot kuster AT SIGN mnsu dot edu.

    With gratitude to Shady Trails Campers and Staff who have shared their pictures!! (Russ Hicks, Bernie Weiner, Chuch Heitsch, Dave Weidman, and several at the first Shady Trails reunion in 2012 who brought pictures which we made copies of).

  • 1930's - no pictures found
  • 1940's - only a list of names found on a plaque on the wall of the lodge
  • 1950's
  • 1960's
  • 1970's
  • 1980's 1988 staff directory and pictures - serious and silly
  • 1990's - no pictures found
  • Pictures from Shady Trails sent from former campers

  • Remembering Those Who Have Passed Away

    Some Memories of Former Campers and Staff

    Steve Hood posted to stutt-l 12/29/98

    Bernie Weiner posted to Stutt-L - 12/29/98 and 1/2/99 Berniewin@AOL.COM

    Russ Hicks - posted to Stutt-L - 1/1/99

  • Russ and Bernie co-authored a paper about Shady Trails for the ISAD2001 Online Stuttering Conference. It is available online: Shady Trailers Hats off to thee.... by Russ Hicks from Texas, USA - summers of 1950, 1951, 1954, and 1957, and Bernie Weiner from Michigan, USA- summer of 1965.

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    Jeanne (Loomis) Frey, Camp secretary, 1951-1954

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    James Emery, Camper, late 50's and early 60's

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