Remembering Those Who Have Passed Away: Shady Trailers - Deceased

Below is a list of individuals who were campers and staff at Shady Trails. To add additional names, email Judy Kuster - kuster @sign mnsu dot edu

Jeff Adamczak - camper, staff
Chris Allen - staff
Thomas B. Brenner - camper
Grace M. Clancy - camp mother
John N. Clancy - founder, director
Ruth Curtis - staff
Margaret Daly - camp mother
Darlene Del Rosso - staff
Ron Dougall - staff
Larry Flees - staff
Ruthie Flees - Camp Cook
Donald "Sandy" Gordon - camper
William "Bill" Hill - camper, staff
Irv Meitus - camper, staff
Nancy Meitus - staff
Gerry Michell, camper
Janet Resh - staff (1992-94)
Stuart Rose - camper
Kirkland Teeple - camper

added August 27, 2014
updated February 21, 2015