In the summer of 2014, Tom and Judy Kuster visited the Bentley Historical Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan for two days, going through two boxes labeled "Shady Trails" copying pictures from the Shady Trails camp in preparation for a powerpoint presentation at the 2014 Shady Trails reunion. I had been given permission to create a PPT slide show of these copyrighted items to show at the Shady Trails 2014 reunion, with the agreement that the PPT or individuals pictures that came from the library were not to be reproduced elsewhere without getting permission in writing for each picture from the Bentley library. The campers at the reunion signed a petition requesting that all the pictures could be shared online, and gratefully, permission was granted and the PPTs have now been added to the Shady Trails website with the permission in writing from the Bentley Library.

Additional pictures have been sent by former campers as well as a PPT from the first Shady Trails reunion in 2012 and are included.

Shady Trails - 1930's-1990's
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