Links to available handouts from fluency (and fluency-related) sessions at the ASHA Conventions

ASHA 2006 Convention

  • A Clinician's Toolbox for Working With School-Aged Children Who Stutter by Ellen Bennett PPT 1 and PPT 2

  • A Naturalistic Study of the Effects of SpeechEasy on Stuttering by John B. Ellis, Ryan Pollard, Donald Finan, and Peter Ramig PDF handout

  • A Qualitative Study of Attitudes Towards People Who Stutter by Rodney Gabel, Adam Schlagheck, Denise Eyestone, and Jacqueline Emch PDF handout

  • An Investigation of Personality Types in Individuals Who Stutter by Betholyn Gentry Word document

  • Assessing & Treating Stuttering in Schools: What Training Is Lacking? by Kara Witmer, Glen Tellis, Jessica Link, Amanda Ranocchia, Cari Tellis PDF handout

  • Children Who Stutter: Easy, Difficult, or Slow to Warm Up? by Mandy Williams PDF handout

  • Clinicians' Perceptions of Career Choices for People Who Stutter by Rodney Gabel, Stephanie Hughes, Charles Hughes, Farzan Irani, Susan Brouse PDF handout

  • Communication Attitude of Japanese School-Age Children Who Stutter by Taiko Nagasawa, Norimune Kawai, E. Charles Healey, Martine Vanryckeghem Word document

  • Effect of Response Time on Fluency in Children Who Stutter by Dana Howell, Stacy Wagovich, Nancy Hall PDF handout

  • Effect of Turning-Points on Identity Construction in Adults Who Stutter by Mandy Williams, Jacqueline A. Guendouzi, Blair O'Gorman PDF handout

  • Emotional Reactivity, Regulation & Childhood Stuttering: Behavioral & Electrophysiological Assessment by Jan Karrass, Edward Conture, Tedra Walden, Hayley Arnold, Susan Williams, Alexandra Key PDF handout

  • Factors Influencing Speech Disfluency in Preschool Children Who Stutter by Jean Sawyer, Nicoline Ambrose PDF handout

  • fMRI of Overt Speech & Simulated Stuttering by Luc De Nil, Deryk S. Beal PDF handout

  • Long-Term Treatment Outcome: Lidcombe Program for Preschool Children Who Stutter by Barbara Miller, Barry Guitar Word document

  • Mediations for Stuttering Management: Lessons From Black & Hispanic Children by Nola Radford Word document 1, Word document 2, Word document 3, Word document 4

  • Meeting the Challenges of Stuttering Treatment in the Schools by Kristin A. Chmela, Erin C. Dyer, Nina Reardon-Reeves, nancy Ribbler, Lisa Scott, Kathleen Whitmire PowerPoint

  • Musical Stuttering by Beth Macauley, Sally Clark Word document

  • Nonword Repetition by School-Age Children Who Stutter by Carol Hubbard Seery, Ruth V. Watkins, Nicoline Ambrose, Rebecca Throneburg Word document

  • Parent Socialization of Emotion Regulation in Preschool Children Who Stutter by Jan Karrass, Corrin Graham PDF handout

  • Peer Relationship Inventory of Children Who Stutter: Bullying & Stuttering by Jessica Link, Glen Tellis PDF handout

  • Personality Differences in People Who Do & Do Not Stutter by Martin Treon, Lloyd Demptster, Kari Blaesing, PPT

  • Phonological Processing of Young Children Who Stutter: Preliminary Behavioral/ERP Findings by Hayley Arnold, Kia Hartfield, Edward Conture, Courtney Byrd, Alexandra Key, Sarah Mathiesen, Christine Coulter file

  • Prediction of Spontaneous Recovery III by Bruce Ryan Word document

  • Repetition Priming Effects on Picture Naming in Children Who Stutter by Julie Anderson PDF handout

  • Stuttering & Fluent Children: Influence of Syllable Stress by Claudia Andrade, Fabiola Juste PDF handout

  • Stuttering & Fluent Children: Influence of Word Extension by Claudia Andrade, Fabiola Juste PDF handout

  • The Acoustic Startle Response in Relation to Stuttering Severity by Donald Finan, Peter Ramig, John B. Ellis PDF handout

  • Tips for Dealing With Bullying & Stuttering in Schools by Glen Tellis, Jessica Link PDF handout

  • EBP in Fluency for Universities: Assessment/Management GILCU, Transfer, & Maintenance by Bruce RyanWord document

  • Integration of Language & Fluency Treatment in a Day Camp Setting by Ginger Collins, Paul Hoffman PPT

  • Effectiveness of a Graduate Fluency Disorders Course: Former Students' Perceptions by Charlie Osborne PPT

  • Language-Based Disfluency: A Child Case Study by Sherri Sieff, Brooke Hooyman Word document
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