Links to available handouts from fluency (and fluency-related) sessions at the ASHA Conventions

ASHA 2008 Convention

  • Sentential Contextual Effects on Word Production in Children Who Stutter by Anderson PDF handout

  • The Effects of Sample Size on Disfluency in School-Aged Children Who Stutter by Sawyer PDF handout


  • Lexical Constraints on Stuttering in Adults by Julie Anderson PDF handout

  • Stuttering Simulation Assignments: Do they have Merit for SLP Students? by Lohman-Hawk Word document

  • Stuttering on the Big Screen: Portrayals of Persons Who Stutter by Mayo Word document

  • Emotional Reactivity in Childhood Stuttering: Preliminary Findings by Jones PDF handout

  • Relation of Stuttering Loci to Language Development in Early Childhood by Buhr PDF handout

  • Treatment Outcomes of a Three-week Intensive Stuttering Modification Program by Tsiamtsiouris PPT

  • Auditory Processing Skills and Abilities in Children Who Stutter by Duginske PPT

  • Stuttering Characteristics of German-English bilingual speakers by Schaefer PDF handout

  • Risk Factors of Childhood Stuttering: Persistence Related to Treatment Outcomes by Van Dreese PDF handout

  • Sympathetic-Vagal Balance, Attention Regulation, and Adults who Stutter: Preliminary Findings by Buhr PDF handout

  • Attitudes Toward People Who Stutter (PWS) by K-12 School Teachers by Irani PDF handout

  • Children's Speech After Stuttering Treatment: Acoustic and Linguistic Changes by Brown Word document

  • Speech-Gesture Relationship in Children Who Do and Do Not Stutter by Edgar , Anderson, Gershkoff-Stowe PDF handout

  • Neurogenic Stuttering & Altered Auditory Feedback: A Case Study by Humphrey PDF handout

  • Stuttering treatment assessment in daily life with behind-the-ear devices for adults who stutter by Sakai PDF handout

  • Treatment of Adult Stutterers With Cognitive Impairments: Three Case Studies by Klein Word document

  • Tales From the Front Lines: Problem Solving in Stuttering Therapy by Schwartz PDF handout

  • Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES): An Overview by Therens PPT

  • Can Listeners' Attitudes Towards Person Who Stutter Be Modified? by Mayo PDF handout

  • A Meta-Analysis: Linguistic Variables Affecting Stuttering by McCarroll, Kleinow PPT handout

  • How Employer Attitudes May Impact Individuals who Stutter in the Working World by Klein Word document

  • Providing Worldwide Cluttering Education: Accomplishments of the International Cluttering Association by Scaler Scott Word document

  • Cluttering Severity Instrument form Word document and A comprehensive measure of cluttering severityPPT by Bakker and Myers

  • Treatment of Cluttered Speech in Asperger's Disorder by Scaler Scott PPT

  • Individual Variability in Delayed Auditory Feedback Effects on Speech Fluency by Chon PDF

  • Effect of Co-Occurring Indirect Articulation With Direct Fluency Intervention by Melnick PDF

  • Fluency in Narratives of Children with ASD by Haskill PPT

  • A national study of school speech-language pathologists training needs in fluency disorders by Tellis PDF

  • AAF/DAF Technology-Enhanced Fluency/Communication for an Adult With Down Syndrome by Monkhouse Word document

  • Verbal Fluency in Bilinguals with and without Alzheimer's Disease by Rivera PDF

  • Verbal Fluency in Bilinguals With & Without Alzheimer's Disease by Whiteside PDF
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