The following are the ASHA Convention 2012 papers found by using keyword stuttering, fluency, and cluttering that had handouts and that were available on the website. Below are links to the handouts that were transferred to the ASHA website. Several papers that originally had handouts, no longer have them, but are still listed below.


  • Acquired Stuttering in Post-Deployed Service Members: Neurogenic or Psychogenic? Population-Independent Overview of Acquired Stuttering Joseph Duffy, R. Kevin Mannng, and Carole Roth, PDF, presented at ASHA 2012 but listed on the ASHA website search under ASHA 2011

  • Session Code: 1004 Stuttering Treatment Options - Amber Snyder (no handout)

  • Session Code: 7045 Poster Board 251 Title: Knowledge, Perceptions, & Beliefs of Northern Plains Indians Toward Stuttering - Ann Beste-Guldborg, Kenneth St. Louis, and Nichole Campanale (no handout)

  • Session Code: 5010 Title: Stuttering & Romantic Relationships: The Perception of People Who Stutter - John van Borsel, Laura DeRyck, Stephanie Vantomme

  • Session Code: 7140 Poster Board 254 Title: SLP Students' Attitudes Toward Stuttering: Results From Four Universities - Kenneth St. Louis, Mercedes Enoch, Mandy Williams, Jacqueline Guendouzi, Isabella Reichel (no handout)

  • Session Code: 1077 Title: Development of Stuttering: Bridging the Gap Between Theory & Treatment - Anthony Buhr, Max Gattie

  • Session Code: 7232 Poster Board 265 Title: Correlation Between Percent Syllables Stuttered & Perceptual Severity Ratings - Heather Ballard, Virginia Davenport, Katrina Harris, Halya Lenard, Brooke Rutland, Farzan Irani

  • Session Code: 7325 Poster Board 272 Title: Attitudes Toward One's Problem: Stuttering vs. Other Speech-Language-Hearing Disorders - Kenneth St. Louis, Jolisha Cundiff, Audrey Metzger, Brienne Worek

  • Session Code: 7326 Poster Board 273 Title: Utterance & Word-Level Constraints on Stuttering in Preschool Children - Julie Anderson, Stacy Wagovich

  • Session Code: 1123 Title: The Use of Telepractice in the Treatment of Stuttering - Rosalee Shenker, John Tetnowski

  • Session Code: 7405 Poster Board 254 Title: Utterance-Level Kinematic Variability & Stuttering: Task & Articulator Type Effects - Stephen Tasko, Rachel Whitney

  • Session Code: 7540 Poster Board 264 Title: Stuttering Coursework Influences on Undergraduate Student Attitudes - Kenneth St. Louis, Mercedes Enoch

  • Session Code: 1307 Title: Establishing Long-Term Fluency Goals when Working With Adults Who Stutter - Kimberly Bauerly, Robert Kroll, Luc De Nil, Marni Grotell

  • Session Code: 1339 Title: Stuttering Self-Help Works: Evidence & Stories - Lee Reeves, Alan Badmington

  • Session Code: 5063 Title: The Impact of Stuttering: Comparisons Between Teens & Their Parents - John Tetnowski, Jamie Maxwell

  • Session Code: 7718 Poster Board 272 Title: Preschool Nonword Repetition Abilities May Predict Stuttering Recovery or Persistence - Caroline Spencer, Christine Weber-Fox

  • Session Code: 1407 Title: Effects of Slow Speech on Speech & Language in Stuttering - Jean Sawyer, Heidi Harbers

  • Session Code: 7787 Poster Board 250 Title: Individualized Stuttering Intervention With a School-Age Child: A Case Study - Derek Taylor, David A. Shapiro

  • Session Code: 7783 Poster Board 246 Title: Measuring Public Attitudes Toward Stuttering: POSHA–S & BAS Comparisons - Kenneth St. Louis, Isabella Reichel, Mandy Williams, Jacqueline Guendouzi, Jennifer Hall

  • Session Code: 5132 Title: Generalized Sensorimotor Difficulties in Children & Adults Who Stutter - Ayoub Daliri, Ludo Max

  • Session Code: 7961 Poster Board 263 Title: Perception of Partners of People Who Stutter: A Mixed Study - Katherine Pensinger, Charlie Osborne, John Tetnowski, Jill Douglass

  • Session Code: 5115 Title: Part-Word Repeats in Developmental & Acquired Stuttering - Nagalapura Viswanath

  • Session Code: 1490 Title: Stuttering Therapy Based on What PWS Say They Want - John Tetnowski, Charlie Osborne

  • Session Code: 8052 Poster Board 268 Title: Mixed-Method Evaluation of a 10-Day Intensive Stuttering Therapy Program - Farzan Irani, Stephanie Hughes, Rodney Gabel

    Keyword "CLUTTERING"

  • Session Code: 7046 Poster Board 252 Title: Saliency of Speech-Language Dimensions in Cluttering Severity: Experts' Ratings - Florence Myers, Klaas Bakker

  • Session Code: 1124 Title: Tribute to International Partnership in Research & Education in Cluttering - Isabella Reichel, Kathleen Scaler Scott, Yvonne Van Zaalen

  • Session Code: 7478 Poster Board 259 Title: Phonological Encoding in Cluttering - Emily Garnett, Charley Adams, Allen Montgomery, Kenneth St. Louis, Dirk-Bart den Ouden

  • Session Code: 8054 Poster Board 270 Title: Self-Awareness of Speech & Language Behaviors in People Who Clutter - Florence Myers, Klaas Bakker, Lawrence Raphael, Kenneth St. Louis, Denise McKeon

    Keyword "FLUENCY"

  • Session Code: 5007 Title: Speech Dysfluency Characteristics of Turkish-Speaking Preschool Children Who Stutter - Sule Demirsoz, Mavis Kulak Kayikci, Erol Belgin

  • Session Code: 7226 Poster Board 238 Title: Autism Disorder & Oral Reading Comprehension: A Case Study - Chelsea Baker, Amy Finch

  • Session Code: 7261 Poster Board 398 Title: Real Ear Output Measures of SpeechEasy™ Fluency Devices - Andrew Stuart, Alyson Butler, Sherri Jones, Timothy Jones

  • Session Code: 1185 Title: Simulation: A Teaching Tool in CSD - Lizbeth Stevens, Willie Cupples, Elizabeth Howard

  • Session Code: 1195 Title: A Sea Change in Reimbursement Principles: Outcomes, Not Procedures - Robert Fifer, Tommie Robinson

  • Session Code: 1405 Title: Bullying & Students With Communication Disabilities: What SLPs Can Do - Gordon Blood

  • Session Code: 1435 Title: Toward a Comprehensive Fluency Assessment Framework Challenges and Solutions - Kenneth Logan, Courtney Byrd, Ron Gillam

  • Session Code: 7977 Poster Board 345 Title: Meta Analysis of Agrammatism Therapies for Different Measures of Expressive Language - Bruce Wisenburn, Alyssa Davis, Mallory Dulsky, Addie Long, Meghin Palmer, Stephanie Zbylut

  • Session Code: 1527 Title: The 3-Minute Assessment: Clinical Profiles Associated With Verbal Fluency - Jacqueline J. Hinckley

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