Movies and Videos That May Be Used

with suggestions for discussion questions provided

Below are some movies and videos that have been used by instructors teaching communication disorders and counseling classes. Anyone who has additional suggestions, please Judy Kuster

  • The Doctor - a 2-thumbs up movie starring William Hurt. 123 minutes long. From Touchstone Home Video. Probably available at your local video rental. It is the story of an extraordinary professional (a cardio-vascular surgeon) who experiences firsthand what it is like being an ordinary patient. Questions for Discussion
  • Stroke: Focus on Feelings. Oracle Film & Video, Santa Monica, California, 1986.

  • Stroke: Focus on the Family - Oracle Film & Video, Santa Monica, California, 1988, a 20 minute video with family members of stroke survivors discussing how their family member changed, their feelings, and some of the solutions they came up with.
  • Losing It All - a documentary exploring the lives of five people living with Alzheimer's Disease and the impact it has on their families - about 60 minutes.