Various Handouts and Assignments

It is expected that if you use any of these materials for your courses, you will give appropriate credit to those who have generously provided them. It is also understood that you can update, tweak, correct any material or outdated links to websites. If you have information or materials to share, please contact Judy Kuster

  • You may wish to use the SID4 Clinician Competencies - Assessment and Treatment of Stuttering at the beginning of your graduate seminar on stuttering, and again as part of the final class evaluation.

  • Gary Rentschler's website was created to support his academic and clinical teaching in the Speech-Language Pathology program at Duquesne University. The site contains much valuable material that can be assigned or used for handouts.

  • Stuttering by J. David Williams - a formerly unpublished handout that Dr. Williams wrote for his stuttering course in the 1980's. Interesting reading. Have students evaluate for what is the same and for any changes in thinking about stuttering in the past 30 years.

  • Handouts/assignments shared by J.Scott Yaruss, University of Pittsburgh

  • Assignments shared by Charlie Osborne, University of Wisconsin-Steven's Point

  • Pseudostuttering assignment

  • Class handouts from the S.B. Hood Library of Teaching Materials

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    last updated January 12, 2009