PowerPoint Lectures and Presentations

It is expected that if you use any of these materials for your courses, you will give appropriate credit to those who have generously provided them. It is also understood that you can update, tweak, correct any material or outdated links to websites. If you have information or materials to share, please contact Judy Kuster

  • PowerPoint presentations on stuttering - a huge treasure trove of PPT presentations that can be adapted for educational purposes

  • Hot Topics: A Report From the Task Force on Fluency Services in the Schools - by Kristin Chmela, Ellen Bennett, Marybeth Allen, Louise Heite, Lisa Trautman, Nina Reardon, and Kathleen Strimple. Presented at the ASHA Convention, November 2000. This PowerPoint presentation will download to your computer from which you should be able to open it.

  • For the past several years, Charlie Osborne's graduate class members at UW-Steven's Point have teamed to present "posters" and powerpoint presentations on various approaches to stuttering therapy. They are all online in the "library" of the Stuttering Home Page, under "student journal."

  • Voices Past and Present - by Judy Kuster (part of an ASHA 2004 presentation with Judith Duchan). You must remain connected to the Internet for the audio clips throughout the presentation to work.

  • From S. B. Hood, retired professor

  • Specialty Recognition in Fluency Disorders: Myths and Realities - by Bob Quesal for the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention l, 2/12/00.

  • The Role of Attitudes in Stuttering - by Robert Quesal, is a is a 56 slide presentation, clearly outlined, used in his graduate course. Contact Dr. Quesal to request a copy.

  • Sheree Reese from Kean University shares the following Power Point "lectures" she developed. Some of the slides reflect information she gleaned from others, for which she is most grateful. If you see any of your materials in her slides and wish to be acknowledged formally, please let me know. These PowerPoint presentations will download to your computer from which you should be able to open them.

  • Lynne Shields Fluency Treatment for Big Kids - a powerpoint to accompany a presentation for school-based SLPs, with Accompanying Handout

  • Introduction to Stuttering by Patricia Zebrowski

  • Explore the UCL Psychology Speech Team Web Site

  • The University of Pittsburgh's Supercourse Lecture Site has several online lectures by J. Scott Yaruss which can be used according to the specified Terms of Use. Scott also shared several other powerpoint presentations which are included below but are not on the UofP's site.

  • Kuster, JM; Quesal, RW; Shields, L; and Yaruss, JS, Everything I Know About Stuttering I Learned on the Internet, ASHA, New Orleans, LA, November 2001.

  • Where do people who stutter seek treatment? by Yaruss, J.S., Quesal, R.W., and Murphy, W. (2001, November). Poster presented at ASHA, New Orleans, LA.

  • Speech therapy and support group experiences of NSA members, by Yaruss, J.S., Quesal, R.W., Reeves, L., Molt, L., Kluetz, B., Caruso, A.J., Lewis, F. and McClure, J.A. (2001, November). Poster presented at ASHA, New Orleans, LA.

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