How to set up automated research notices from PubMed:

by Nan Bernstein-Ratner
  1. Go to the PubMed main page at

  2. Locate the My NCBI link (hint: sometimes it is a central icon right in the middle of the main page; at other times it is in the upper right hand quadrant) -- it may look like this:

  3. Set up your account by supplying the requested information

  4. Run a search related to stuttering (or other topics).

  5. In running your search, make use of meta-characters and alternates to ensure that you get the widest response. For instance, run the search on stutter* rather than stuttering; this will locate articles using the terms stutter, stuttering, stutterers, stuttered, etc. You may wish to save alternate searches that use the term stammer* or *fluen* to get British terminology articles as well as articles that more broadly address dis/dysfluency, disfluent speech, etc.

  6. Select a notification preference (daily, weekly, etc.)

  7. Don't get discouraged by "bad hits" -- the term stuttering is used in genetic sequencing and is also a symptom of some medical conditions, such as priapism.

  8. When you receive notifications, you may access the abstract at the PubMed site; in order to obtain full-text, you will need to do the following:

added February 18, 2008