3.  Stuttering Assessment Project




This unit requires that you pair with another clinician.  Each student pair will submit one set of the required analyses for the child and adult samples.


As a result of completing this unit you will

a)   Gain experience in transcribing speech samples, adult and child

b)   Develop the ability to conduct fluency analyses of speech samples

c)   Interpret the results of your fluency analyses regarding     

a.   The frequency of stuttering

b.   Rating the severity of stuttering


Tasks included in this unit include

a)   Listening to and transcribing selected speech samples of a child and an adult who stutter

b)   Completing the requested speech fluency analyses

c)   Determining the stuttering severity of each sample


You will be provided audio-video taped samples of a child and an adult who stutter.  This is available to you on D2L and you will need to have RealPlayer to run the sample.  If you do not have RealPlayer, it is available at no charge on the web.  You will be expected to analyze the samples regarding speech and language parameters as described below. 


Child and Adult Sample Analyses


Your completed analyses of this sample must include the following:

-     A cover sheet summarizing the results of the completed analyses

-     A “clean copy of your transcription and the individual marks for each disfluency

-     All of your rough copies


Please include your data in the following format for each sample:


Stuttered-Like Disfluencies(SLDs)                                            

Number in Sample                      Percentage of Sample

Part-Word Repetitions

Monosyllabic-Word Repetitions

Dysrhythmic Phonations

Total SLDs


Other Disfluencies



Phrase Repetition

Total Other Disfluencies


Total Disfluencies

                                                                                                                                                                           Yairi & Ambrose, 2005



Other data analysis required for the child’s sample includes:


-     Stuttering Severity Rating

o  Please use the Illinois Clinician Stuttering severity Scale (Yairi & Ambrose, 2005)

-     Mean Length of Utterance

o  Please use the normative data from  Language Sample Analysis: The Wisconsin Guide


Other data analysis required for the adult sample includes:


-     Stuttering Severity Ratings

o  The Stuttering Severity Instrument – 3

o  Van Riper’s Profile of Stuttering Severity


Please include a concluding section to the assignment that includes


o  A narrative summary paragraph of the results of the analyses regarding the child’s and the adult’s overall fluency status


¤ A simple description / characterization of each individual’s speech


o  A paragraph that reflects on your experience of completing this analysis


¤ What were some of the challenges you encountered when completing this assignment?


¤ What are, in your opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of having participated in this assignment?



This project is worth 100 points of your course grade.  The child analyses is worth 50 points, as is the adult analyses.


Your completed work will be due by the end of the day on Friday, November 17, 2006.  You will be asked to turn in all of your rough paper work on paper (in my mailbox), along with your completed final analysis electronically in the D2L drop box.