Critical Review of a Contemporary Therapy Approach/Program


As a result of completing this unit you will

a)   Choose a therapy approach, for children and/or adults, for review

b)   Critically review the chosen approach

c)   Present the approach and your review of it in a poster session

d)   Provide a handout that summarizes the information in your poster

e)   Answer questions related to any aspect of the approach raised by participants


Tasks included in this unit include

a)   Choosing an approach to review

b)   Providing a summary of the approach

c)   Analyzing the supportive evidence for the approach

d)   Placing your results in a poster format

e)   Presenting the poster to fellow students, 2nd year speech-language graduate students, and to interested faculty & staff (during our scheduled final examination period)


You will need to pair with another student to complete this assignment.  You are required to illustrate, discuss and critically review a contemporary therapy approach or method via a poster presentation.  You will be expected to present your poster to each other and invited students, faculty and staff on December 19, 2005 during the scheduled class period.  Some of the possible contemporary approaches you may choose from can be found at the web sites indicated below.  There are also a wide variety of approaches available for you to choose from in the literature found in the LRC or from commercial programs to be found in the CMC.  The instructor must approve your topic. In addition to an explanation of the approach/method, you will need to address the following questions:   


-     How would this approach be classified (fluency shaping, stuttering modification, or integrated)? Why?

-     What is/are the underlying theoretical rationale(s)?

-     What is the style of presentation of therapy (intensive, 2x per week, etc.)?

-     How is “success” defined and measured?

-     How is generalization and maintenance addressed?

-     Is there any data regarding the program’s success rate?

-     What do you see as the program’s strong points? Weak points?

-     Would you recommend using this approach?  Why?  Why not?


Web Sites

            The Stuttering Home Page



            The Stuttering Foundation



            Here is a website that provides information regarding what a poster is, how it should look, etc.



This project is worth 50 points.  Your poster will be evaluated using the following rubric.


CD 723

Scoring Rubric for Poster Presentations



Poster Title:  ___________________________________________



Presenters:  ____________________________________________


1.         Construction of the Poster (10)


The text was easy to read.                                                       Yes                              No





2.         Content (20)                                                    


Enough content was displayed.                                               Yes                              No                               

Important aspects of the program were highlighted.                 Yes                              No

(Definition of success, rationale, generalization & maintenance, evidence)


Application to the treatment of stuttering was evident.              Yes                              No


Strengths and weaknesses of the program were                      Yes                              No






3.         Presenter Aspects (10)


The presenters asked if I had any questions.                           Yes                              No


The presenters answered my questions.                                  Yes                              No


The presenters conveyed a professional                                  Yes                              No






4.        Handout (10)


The handout contained the main information of the poster.      Yes                              No


Adapted from L. Plonsker’s CD 784, 2002.