Madison Lutheran Athletics


Madison Lutheran School did not have a gym, but there were many opportunities for physical fitness! For one thing, we had a 15 minute recess in the morning and afternoon, and a longer recess during the noon hour after lunch. There were many things that kept us busy these favorite times of the day! The link below contains examples of the playground equipment, sports activities, group games, and other activities. When recess was over, the bell would ring and we'd run to get in line by the back door near the bubbler to go back inside.

Recess at Madison Lutheran School

Organized sport teams

The Madison recreation program offered opportunities in the 1950's for organized boys' teams in touch football, basketball, and softball. I remember going across the street from my home on Ludington Avenue to the gym at Lowell School to watch the MLS basketball team play other parochial school teams in Madison. I also remember a basketball tournament we went to at Northwestern in Watertown, Wisconsin. I do not remember any of the scores or results!

Basketball teams