Mabelle Frank

Mrs. Harold (Mabelle) Frank was born April 26, 1901, in Hancock, Wisconsin. She died February 27, 1971, at the age of 69. Her funeral was March 1st at Gunderson Funeral home and she was buried at Roslawn. She was survived by a daughter, Elizaeth "Betty" Frank Young (wife of Dr. Austin Harry Young) who was born in October of 1930 in Madison. According to Elizabeth's obituary (April 2010) Mrs. Frank had three granddaughters Katherine Anne and Diane Elizabeth, and a baby girl who died young. She also has 4 great-grandchildren: Madeline and Sophie Brown of Decatur, Julia and Paul Schiffman of Carmel, Indiana. Mrs. Frank attended Immanuel (LCMS) and taught at Madison Lutheran School from 1953-1962.

last modified April 25, 2017