The unedited version provided below of The ASHA Leader column (available online at Internet: Children's Communication Needs by Judith Maginnis Kuster, August 28, 2012) contains additional information.

Bibliographies and Books Addressing Children's Communication Needs

Many excellent books focus on specific disorders in caseloads of speech-language professionals. The ASHA Magazine featured an article by Ray Kent, Renewal and Rediscovery: Insights from Memoirs of Illness and Disability" (Summer 1998) ( In addition to the article, Kent created an extensive annotated bibliography high-lighting several books. Although the bibliography is no longer on the ASHA website, with Dr. Kent's permission, I added suggestions to his excellent bibliography, creating "Our Clients and their Families Speak" ( ASHA also suggests "Books About Communication" ( featuring suggestions for books written for children about children with communication disorders. Another good resource is the 52 page "Children's Books about Disability: A Bibliography-Teacher's Guide" (2005) that features suggestions for children from preschool through middle school (

The following bibliographies provide important resources to support speech and language goals.

Language and Literacy

Speech Sound Disorders Stuttering