Job Hunting Online

by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Mankato State University (

In 1995, Money Magazine ranked speech-language pathology and audiology 11th on their list of the "Fifty Hottest Jobs." The employment outlook for speech-language pathology and audiology continues to be excellent. The U.S. Government's Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for 1996-97 states that employment of speech- language pathologists and audiologists is projected to grow much faster than the average, with an increase of 36 percent or more through the year 2005.

While today's healthy job market suggests employers may need help to find people to fill vacancies -- and several sites below can help them do that -- this column will focus primarily on ways to use the Internet to find a job.

Many sites post vacancy notices.

The Internet can provide valuable background information for your interview. You can use Internet search engines to find sites to help you learn about the company offering the job. Other sites are designed to help make a positive impression in your application and your interview.

Finally, you've applied, interviewed and been offered a job. The Internet can help you decide if you want to accept the offer.

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Kuster, JM, Job Hunting Online, ASHA , Winter, 1998, p. 33