Special Interest Divisions on the Net

by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Minnesota State University, Mankato (kuster@mnsu.edu).

ASHA members who share a common interest in a specialty area are invited to join Special Interest Divisions (DIVs) which "promote specific professional interests; develop communication and network in diverse professional settings; identify and convey concerns and needs to the Executive Board and Legislative Council; assist in policy formation; and promote and participate in continuing education." The mission statement and goals for each of the 15 DIVS is online .

The ASHA website also provides additional information about the Divisions. Although the (free) Adobe Acrobat reader is needed to access it, an application for membership form (open to ASHA members, international affiliates, students and consumers) is online.

Several of ASHA's DIVS are taking an active role in using the new technologies available through the Internet to benefit their members. Those divisions dealing with hearing issues, tend to use the closed ASHA mailing list designed for audiologists. Any ASHA audiologist can join the mailing list by sending the following message to asha-aud-forum-request@postman.com subscribe yourfirstname yourlastname youremailaddress. As with any "closed" mailing list, subscribers are added by the list owner following verification of appropriate membership. Some of the division mailing lists are "open" to anyone who wishes to join.

Additional Internet activities for several of the DIVS are highlighted below.

Kuster, JM, Special Interest Divisions on the Net, ASHA, July/August, 1999, p. 18