Internet Gold for School-based SLPs

by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Minnesota State University, Mankato (

The World Wide Web is becoming a repository for free or inexpensive materials that can be adapted by a speech-language pathologist working in the schools. Several of these sites are offered below.

Interactive Sites

Interactive sites may require a Java-capable web-browser.

  • ASL Browser
  • Funbrain - educational activities by grade level.
  • Interactive English Language Exercises for grammar, vocabulary and idioms.
  • Kids and Teachers contains materials about hearing and hearing health
  • QUIA allows you to create online activities or use those created by others. Some sections to explore include language, early learning and speech
  • Whacky Web Tales - good for working on parts of speech

    Reproducibles That Can Be Adapted For Treatment

    Many commercial companies provide free samples of reproducibles. Check the website of your favorite companies. They may be linked here.

  • Chateau Meddybemps - materials for children and handouts for parents
  • Neuroscience for Kids worksheets
  • Scholastic, Inc.'s In School page - has new reproducibles for phonics, reading, spelling, writing and parent activities in English and Spanish monthly.

    Clinical Materials on the Internet

  • AAC Messaging word lists
  • Caroline Bowen's Picturable minimal pairs
  • Bowen's word retrieval activities
  • John Higgin's Minimal pairs
  • John Riski's How a speech-language pathologist can assess velopharyngeal function without instrumentation
  • Riski's Speech therapy to improve hypernasality
  • Listen UP - language stimulation and therapy ideas
  • Nina Reardon's Teacher Checklist for Fluency
  • Peter Ramig the School-Age Stutterer
  • Books for children in a speech therapy caseload

    Software Available On The Internet

    Downloadable software can be adapted for working with children with language disorders. Much is free and some is shareware (where the user is asked to send a small contribution, usually between $5 and $20). Three sites containing both Macintosh and PC educational software to explore are:

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