Prevention materials on the Internet - part II

by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Minnesota State University, Mankato (

The November 14 Internet column featured sites that addressed health education, genetic counseling, and immunization to help speech-language pathologists and audiologists in their role of prevention. Below are additional prevention resources that may be of interest to ASHA members.

Environmental Change

The Internet provides a convenient forum for participation in events such as International Noise Awareness Day held each April. Many materials remain online year round.

The Safe@Work company has put a wealth of materials online about occupational hearing loss prevention.

Preventing Childhood Lead Exposure from the National Paint and Coatings Association has online slide shows, information on left-over paint safety, dealing with old lead paint, and more.

The Stuttering Home Page contains information for parents, including Stuttering Prevention: A Manual For Parents by C. Woodruff Starkweather, Sheryl Gottwald, and Murray Halfond. Tony Wray's "Stuttering Prevention" and J. Scott Yaruss and David W. Hammer's "Stuttering Center of Western Pennsylvania" also provide information for parents of children who stutter.

Hearing Conservation

HearNet from H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels.

Several sites contain materials to help children learn about hearing conservation. National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders has "Have Wise Ears for Life" in English and Spanish and - "How Loud is Too Loud" bookmarks in English and Spanish.

"Operation BANG" is a hearing loss prevention curriculum for fifth graders designed by the Military Audiology Association.

Prenatal care

Two good examples of sites containing prenatal care information are The Family Web's "Prenatal and Postnatal Care" and "Having a Healthy Baby Your Personal Guide for Good Prenatal Care".

Vocal Hygiene

A Marshall University Communication Disorders student, Michelle White, has created a preventing vocal nodules Web page.

"A Singer's Notes: Preventing Vocal Nodules" is from the Wake Forest University's Center for Voice Disorders

"Maintaining a Healthy Voice" is from The Voice Center at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Smoking Prevention

The Internet is filled with materials encouraging people to stop using tobacco products. The poster "Stop Smoking" poster "Perfume Won't Hide It" is worth a look.

Arizona's Tobacco Education and Prevention Program includes a slide presentation Helping a Loved One Quit Smoking.

The Brain's Response to Drugs Teacher's Guide is part of the Mind Over Matter series from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Check the information on nicotine for lesson plans and activities.

Information about quitting smoking is available from the American Heart Association.

Other helpful material includes Quitting Smoking Tips, Spit Tobacco, and It's Quittin' Time: Smokers Need Not Rely on Willpower Alone.

Kuster, JM, Prevention materials on the Internet - part II, ASHA Leader, December 19, 2000, p. 9