Get Your Laminating Equipment Ready!

By Judith Maginnis Kuster

Perhaps you are starting a new job in a school setting next fall and have no equipment budget and very few treatment materials in your files. Or perhaps you are a veteran clinician and your equipment budget has disappeared with the budget cuts and you would like some new materials to start off the school year. With a color printer, scissors, card stock paper, and laminating equipment, you can spend a few hours this summer and create many wonderful treatment materials inexpensively. Explore the sites below for additional materials besides those highlighted.

The DLTK site ( has materials that can be downloaded and adapted for speech treatment such as:

The "Materials Exchange" on Pat Mervine's is packed with downloadable colorful PDF files including activities such as rhyming words, minimal pairs, categories, vocabulary and articulation flash cards, conversation boards, bingo for grammar and articulation practice, spatial concept activities, and much more.

Gareth Pitchford's Primary Resources ( includes a series of story illustrations ( such as King Midas that can be used for sequencing activities. (

From preschool printables (

Another nice set of materials for a felt-board activity, "Five Little Monkeys" ( can be found at the KizClub site (

Speech Teach UK Downloads contains many colorful pdf files (

Additional FLASHCARDS are available on many sites. "Ideas with Flash Cards for Any Level" provides helpful suggestions (
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Kuster, JM, Get Your Laminating Equipment Ready!, ASHA Leader, July 20, 2004, p. 37