Internet Treasures for Kids and Teens Who Stutter, 2004, p. 33ffers for Kids and

By Judith Maginnis Kuster

Materials for children and teens who stutter may not be high on the priority list of items to purchase in some school districts since the caseload may include only a few children to serve. The Internet can help clinicians to augment service delivery for these clients with many free and inexpensive materials.

Learn About Stuttering

Some of the resources below have special sections just for children and adolescents who stutter. Others are resources with excellent general information about stuttering. All are worth exploring.

Online Books

Organizations and individuals have many good books about stuttering that can be purchased. Check the following for examples.

There are also several small books and coloring book stories that are freely available online. Newsletters

Everyone likes to get mail. Three organizations provide newsletters for kids and teens who stutter. Samples of three of those listed below are on the internet and one is exclusively an internet resource.

Tell your own story

The newsletters listed above will often publish submissions. There are also some Internet sites where your story can be published.

Making connections

In some school districts, very few children in the speech clinician's caseload may stutter. The Internet can provide opportunities for peer support and discussion about stuttering.

Helping Others Learn

An important goal in therapy for some kids and teens who stutter, is to help them teach others about stuttering. The following articles have good suggestions.

There are also games and puzzles online that provide opportunities to help learn or teach about stuttering.
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Kuster, JM, Internet Treasures for Kids and Teens Who Stutter, ASHA Leader, September 21, 2004, p. 14ff