Freely-Available Online Educational Video Resources

By Judith Maginnis Kuster

The Internet has many free video features that are educational treasures. A recent column included several online video clips of voice disorders (Kuster, JM, Voice Disorders "Keepers" for Clients and Classes, The ASHA Leader June 14, 2005, p. 17 ( The "Media Search" feature on search engines such,,,. and the specialized search engine for audio and video files called Singing Fish ( uncovers many clips of other disorders such as

  • YouTube ( is a consumer media company for sharing original videos on the web. There is a search feature to discover short videos that may enhance learning or provide interesting discussion/writing topics for clients. A quick search turned up some interesting examples. (Warning: be careful of quality and a G-rating).
  • Examples of exceptional free online videos are:

    Finally, more and more streamed training online is worth searching out. Three examples are provided below:

    Judith Kuster is in the department of speech, hearing, and rehabilitation services at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Contact her at All of Kuster's Internet columns are on ASHA's Web site in HTML format with active links (, although URLs change and there is no guarantee that links from previous articles are still functional.

    Kuster, JM, Freely-Available Online Educational Video Resources, ASHA Leader, August 15. 2006, p. 53.