Netting Literacy Materials

By Judith Maginnis Kuster

On November 18, 2000, ASHA's Legislative Council provided guidance for speech-language pathologists regarding the "roles and responsibilities related to reading and written language disorders." (The ASHA Leader, April 17, 2001). The emergence of literacy issues evidenced in journal articles, state and national association conferences, and CEU offerings, as well as the push for literacy from the national level to the local school administrative level, has left some speech-language pathologists wondering how they can add these responsibilities while already serving a large caseload of children with speech sound, language, fluency, hearing, voice, and swallowing disorders.

The good news: there are many literacy goals that can easily be incorporated into activities you are already doing! More good news: there are many Internet resources available to help! Highlighted below are just a few of the freely available online materials that can be used to address some of the specific goals outlined in ASHA's guidelines for SLPs with respect to reading and writing in children and adolescents.

Environmental Print Awareness

Alphabetic/Letter Knowledge Concepts of Phonology and Skill in Phonological Processing Sense of Story

Predictable stories/activities with repeated lines.

Finally, the following excellent web sites provide many additional literacy activities:

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Kuster, JM, Netting Literacy Materials, ASHA Leader, February 13, 2007, p. 20-21.