Getting Started: Electronic Publications

by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Mankato State University (

Newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, booklets, books, even encyclopedias are available through the internet. Some E-publications are available by subscribing. Others are on the World-Wide Web (WWW). A good resource to explore the variety of electronic publications is on the internet.





Journals are typically peer-reviewed, providing research and thinking about current professional issues. Advantages of electronic journals include faster dissemination of information, key-word searchable capabilities, space-limitations of hard-copy journals may not apply, and availablity not only of pictures, charts, and graphs, but potentially links to bibliographical references, sound and video clips. Some internet journals provide only the table of contents (TOC), or abstracts (often key-word searchable) and can help narrow your topic before a library search. Examples of relevent professional journals with only abstracts or a TOC on the internet: Other journals are available in both hard-copy and on the internet, or only on the internet.


There is a growing number of handbooks that are important resources for speech-language pathologists:


Many books are available online. Examples of children's books which may be appropriate for therapy:

Good adult literature is also available. You can also add "books" to your professional library via the internet, such as


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Expanded information from Kuster, Judith Maginnis (July 1996) Electronic publications, ASHA Magazine