Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder

Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder

By Judith Maginnis Kuster

Typing "clutterer" into a standard search engine quickly leads to resources about hoarding and how to organize and declutter your life. After taking the quizzes and and determining that I am a clutterer, I am considering joining Clutterers Anonymous (

But to a speech-language pathologist, a "clutterer" is a person who has a unique, relatively unknown fluency disorder. For many years, the classic book by Deso Weiss, Cluttering Prentice Hall, 1964), was the most widely referred to resource on cluttering. St. Louis et. al (2003) state that "most seasoned clinicians have managed a few clients with the disorder. Many remember these clients not by how well they responded to treatment but by how puzzling it was to know what to do with them and how challenging they were to treat."

Cluttering Association

In May 2007, the First International Conference on Cluttering met in Katarino, Bulgaria, and the International Cluttering Association (ICA) was born/ The association has since established a Web site ( that has several treasures including:

More Online Resources

Additional online resources provide helpful information on cluttering:

The internet also provides opportunities to learn about cluttering from people who live with cluttering:


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ASHA Resources on Cluttering

Information related to The ASHA Leader article cited above:

Guidelines for Stuttering Treatment (

Terminology Pertaining to Fluency and Fluency Disorders: Guidelines (

Stuttering: Causes and Numbers (

Overview of Stuttering and Treatment (

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Kuster, JM, Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder, ASHA Leader, March 3, 2009, p. 39-40.