Getting Started: "Organization Home Pages: Treasure Troves of Information on the World Wide Web"

by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Mankato State University (

Each week YAHOO's "What's New" features links to several thousand new Internet sites, including organization homepages, many containing growing repositories of important resources. The most significant for the more than 84,000 ASHA members as well as for persons interested in communication disorders or wanting career and membership information, was announced in early May. ASHA's homepage features news releases and action alerts; conference, workshop and convention information; draft position statements for member response; information on ASHA publications and advertising; grant, career and consumer information, including downloadable brochures on a variety of disorders.

Along with the ASHA home page there are at least five additional organization homepages on the Internet specifically for speech-language pathologists and audiologists.

Many other national and state professional and non-profit organizations have developed internet resources of interest to audiologists, speech-language pathologists and speech scientists. Often these sites contain extensive articles, brochures, newsletters, networking information for parents, patients and professionals, current research information, and more. Seven sites are highlighted below with some examples of treasures often hidden in such sites.

There are significant treasures to be found at each of the following organizational homepages as well as those highlighted above.

Many national organizations do not yet have an internet homepage. However, many have toll-free phone numbers or national office addresses which can also be found on the internet in the key word searchable database for finding national support organizations.

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The above information was combined, updated, and adapted from:
Kuster, JM, Organization Home Pages: Treasure Troves of Information on the World Wide Web, ASHA Magazine, October, 1996