"Golden" Mega-sites for School-Based Clinicians

by Judith Maginnis Kuster

Several internet sites provide an abundance of materials - some of these "mega-sites" are organized by an individual or organization with links to other resources. Some have many materials created by an individual or an organization; some have contributors who submit materials. All are worth exploring.

The sites included here are quite stable. However, the Internet is constantly changing; if you find a particular item you especially like, file away a hard copy in case the site disappears.

  • Carl's Corner (www.carlscorner.us.com/) created by Cherry Carl, a retired teacher and specialist in language arts and reading. It has wonderful freely available materials including "Board Games Grove" (www.carlscorner.us.com/Games.htm) which has downloadable game boards with accompanying game cards. A helpful index (www.carlscorner.us.com/#Directory) lists what is available. The site became so large that it used excessive bandwidth, interfering with links, so three additional websites filled with free materials were created
  • Alphabet Avenue (www.alphabetavenue.net)
  • Little Book Lane (www.littlebooklane.com)
  • Word Way (www.wordway.us.com)
  • At TAP - Targets and Activities Project (www.commtap.org/index.html) educators share children's communication activities. Activities focus on many aspects of phonology and articulation (www.commtap.org/tap/menu/doclist.html#artic) and English activities including listening, speaking, reading and writing (www.commtap.org/tap/menu/doclist.html#english). Find materials on syllable structure, awareness of voice volume, adjusting language to various social situations, and much more.

  • TES Connect (www.tes.co.uk/) has more than 57,000 free teaching resources, lesson plans, and worksheets. The Special Education Needs (SEN) resources (www.tes.co.uk/sen-teaching-resources/) include materials for speech and language communication difficulties. Current topic areas are articulation, selective mutism, expressive and receptive language. Explore several other sections of the SEN page as well as the graded general teaching resources pages, especially under "English." The site requires free registration.

  • Speech Teach UK Resources (www.speechteach.co.uk/p_general/downloads.htm) developed by the parent of a child receiving speech-language treatment, provides "resources to support the activity ideas given by our speech therapists, teachers and other support workers."

  • Thinkfinity (www.thinkfinity.org) has 11 content partners, including several leading education and literacy organizations. It offers thousands of free K-12 educational resources in seven disciplines. A search function allows users to enter a keyword and refine the search according to resource type, grade level, and subjects to find activities for in the classroom (www.thinkfinity.org/in-the-classroom) or at home (www.thinkfinity.org/at-home-and-afterschool). Entering the keyword "grammar," for example, uncovers nearly 100 treasures including lesson plans with embedded online activities.

  • Treasures for Teachers (www.treasureforteachers.com/) is a free site with downloadable games, posters and resources. The section on language and vocabulary (www.treasureforteachers.com/langvoc.html) is a huge collection of games to help develop expressive and receptive language skills. The section on phonemic awareness (www.treasureforteachers.com/phono.html) contains several colorful activities.

  • Judy Kuster's Examples of Materials That Can Be Adapted for Therapy (www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster2/sptherapy.html) is an organized and extensive collection (more than 60 printed pages) of links in all disorder areas.

  • Pat Mervine's Speaking of Speech Materials Exchange (www.speakingofspeech.com/Materials_Exchange.html) - online for nearly 10 years and mentioned in several previous columns - must be included. The collection of freely-available materials - built by Mervine with submissions by a host of others - is beyond "golden."

  • Free Language Stuff (http://freelanguagestuff.com/) by Paul Morris, has over 400 language worksheets and activities in more than 20 areas.

    A few additional sites worth exploring are:

    Each of the sites provided in this column may take days to explore. Creative clinicians will find hundreds of treasures and ideas to incorporate into their intervention sessions.

    Judith Maginnis Kuster, MS, CCC-SLP, is an emeritus professor in the Department of Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Contact her at judith.kuster@mnsu.edu. An archive of all of Kuster's columns can be found at www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster4/leader.html. URLs change, however, and there is no guarantee that links from previous columns are still functional.

    cite as: Kuster, J. M. (2011, April 5). "Golden" Mega-sites for School-Based Clinicians. The ASHA Leader.