On the weekend of 11 August 2012, a Shady Trails speech improvement camp reunion will be held at the old camp location (now being used by a day camp with the same name) at 6880 N. Shady Trails, Northport, MI 49670. For additional information or to RSVP, email AUGUST11REUNION@AOL.COM or call either 240/380-0939 or 505/341-1188. There are no current plans yet for another reunion, so this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with former campers and staff.

The reunion will run from Noon, August 11, 2012 until Noon, August 12 (the two evenings are primarily for those who want to re-experience their camp experience by staying FREE both nights in clean & functional cabins in the woods.) Although there are bunks & mattresses, you will need to bring all of your bedding needs (pillows, sheets, blankets or sleeping bags as well as a towel if you want to use the showers or swim!) IF YOU WANT TO RESERVE SPACE IN THE CABINS DO SO NOW!

SWIMMERS: At your own risk - NO lifeguards! Stay close to shore; don't swim out to the floating dock.
SMOKERS: Only in pre-designated areas for camp fire safety (high fire threat in area.)

CABIN CHECK-IN: Fri/10 Aug: 4pm-8pm. No charge for cabin stays.
*If you're running late for check-in, please call us ASAP (240/380-0939)
Remember: bring sleeping bag or bed sheets for the bunks + a pillow + towel (we have none.)

Prefer to stay at local area B&B's, motels or resorts? See list at the end of this information sheet.

*Visit the local communities if you get there well before check-in (see list further down for ideas.) You can also join others for lunch/dinner. Local Restaurants (

Sat., 11 Aug: NOON $30 (includes cookout); children/under 18: half price.
Cash or Money Order no checks please (only at camp -- do NOT mail in.) NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY FOR AN INABILITY TO PAY (just let us know privately if that's your situation.)

Reunion Tee Shirts: $15 ($18 for XXL/XXXL) Standard Shady Trails logo (in blue) on white tees with "Reunion 2012" beneath logo. Cash & Money Order at camp. If you haven't emailed in your requests already: 1st come/1st served at reunion. Want a shirt ... but NOT attending? Add $3 for shipping & handling & make check/money order out to: James F. Emery (NOT Shady Trails; but in memo line write: "Shady Trails Tee.") Mail to: Jim Emery, 6505 Poza Rica Ct. NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107-5618.

Go to for up-to-date information, including a map to the camp, or send your email address if you can't access it, so we can email any updates (No email? No problem: Call us and ask for current updates.)


- On your own: visit Northport, Omena, Sutton Bay, Frankfurt, Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Petoskey State Park, etc. (solo or with friends.
Local Places of interest (;;

- Check into lodging (cabins not until 4PM)

EVENING of 10th
- Check-in for those staying in cabins: 8pm is final call (if delayed, call: 240/380-0939)
- Everyone: Optional group dinner (self-pay, preferably as a group)

MORNING of 11th
- Optional swim (bring swim suit/towel.) Stay next to shore (Think safety! Don't swim to dock.)
- Optional group breakfast (self-pay, preferably as a group)

* While you may arrive earlier, the official check-in begins at Noon

- Noon: Registration opens
- Issue of Reunion tees/name tags
- Introductions/Announcements in Main Lodge
- Visits with other Shady Trailers
- Camp Tour with current camp director (all bldgs except Camp Director's open)
- Approx. 3pm: Move into Main Lodge for Cookout with Camp Director
- Introduction of Special Guests
- Presentations & comments
- Emails from those who couldn't make it
- Silent Auction of framed Reunion Plaque and Reunion Ad (min. bid $60) throughout cookout

Campfire in Main Lodge. Tentative Activities (all optional):
- "We've got mail:" everyone will receive a special "letter" with unique disbursement
- Songfest (we won't make you sing!)
- "Announcements": Volunteers
- "Round Robins": Volunteers; independent topic or drawing from a bowl (one already submitted by former Camp Dir. David Field)
- S'mores anyone?
- Closing: Afterthoughts/"A Song to Shady Trails"
- After-hour kibitzing until lights out; email/address/phone exchange

SUNDAY AM of 12th
- Optional group breakfast (self-pay, preferably as a group)
- Cabins: cabin cleanup & check out BY NOON
- Side Trips: optional & self-organized (group or solo): Sleeping Bear Dunes, Petoskey State Park, Northport, Omena, Sutton Bay, Frankfurt, Traverse City or other locales


You can stay either one or both nights for FREE at the camp as mentioned above or you can utilize the following links to find local accommodations (but move fast: It's a popular vacation area and places fill up fast):

A. General advisories:

B. Local Chambers of Commerce: C. Some hotel links (there are others): ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

SHADY TRAILS YAHOO GROUP: A Shady Trails mailing list is open to former campers, staff and other interested parties. Great way to stay in touch with Shady Trailers AFTER the reunion! Please visit

CURRENT SHADY TRAILS DAY CAMP: Their web page also has a history of the Shady Trails speech camp

MEMORIES OF SHADY TRAILS: Some additional information and pictures of the speech improvement camp are available at Memories of Shady Trails

* * *

*SPECIAL Judy Kuster and Minnesota State University, Mankato for hosting this web page.

*Shady Trails logo used with permission from the Communicative Disorders Clinic (University of Michigan), Bentley Historical Library

2012 Shady Trails Reunion Committee
Howard Hodges - email - ph# 240/380-0939
Jim Emery - email - ph# 505/341-1188

updated August 6, 2012