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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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I have had a very positive experience with concurrent enrollment. The high school teracher has been very receptive to my feedback and suggestions, and student have been quite interested when I came in to give a guest talk in my area of specialization, Southern politics. Quote from Fred Slocum, Faculty Partner, Associate Professor of Political Science

How to Become a Concurrent Enrollment Teacher:

Thank you for your interest in Concurrent Enrollment at Minnesota State Mankato. All Concurrent Enrollment teachers are required to have a completed Master’s degree. Some academic departments on campus prefer you have Master’s degree in the content area you would like to teach in and other departments will accept a more general Master’s degree based on your teaching and other educational experiences.

We encourage you to submit a [PDF] High School Teacher Application (PDF) (118 KiB). The application process is quite simple. Please be sure to fill out the application completely and include copies of your resume, undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Once your application is received, it will be forwarded directly to the department relative to the course or courses you would like to teach. The department will review your application and make a decision, generally within a few weeks. The Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment will contact you as soon as a decision has been made. If you have any questions regarding the new teacher application process, please contact the Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment.

What to Expect from Minnesota State Mankato:

Minnesota State Mankato Student Orientation:

Within the first few weeks of your class start date, the Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment will visit your classroom and provide a Concurrent Enrollment orientation. During orientation, your students will receive a Minnesota State Mankato student identification card (MavCARD), they will activate their Minnesota State Mankato email (MavMAIL), and will review the Minnesota State Mankato online library resources. The Concurrent Enrollment Student Handbook will be reviewed during orientation as well. The Student Handbook includes information on how to transfer credits, how to view grades online, academic requirements of the program, and more.

Working with your faculty partner:

Each Concurrent Enrollment high school teacher should work closely with their assigned Minnesota State Mankato faculty partner through site visits and other forms of communication. Your assigned faculty partner is required to visit with you in person three times during the term your course is scheduled. Prior to the start of your course, your faculty partner should approve the course textbook(s) and syllabus. This process will ensure your course outline meets the same outcomes as the respective course on campus.

Getting Your StarID, MavCARD, and MavMAIL (email):

All Concurrent Enrollment teachers will receive a Minnesota State Mankato StarID, MavCARD (University ID), MavMAIL (University email), and access to thousands of databases through our online library resources. The Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment will work with you directly to get all of these items before your class starts.

What Minnesota State Mankato expects from teachers:

Concurrent enrollment instructors are held to the same standards as on campus faculty. The expectation is that the students meet the same learning outcomes as students enrolling in traditional on-campus courses. You will work with your faculty partner to ensure that your course material meets the expectations of the academic department. 

Minnesota State Mankato values professional development for all of our faculty, staff, and students. NACEP requires that concurrent enrollment programs offer discipline specific training to high school instructors. We do expect that our instructors participate in this mandatory training. The training is a great opportunity for peer-to-peer learning as well as a time to learn of new trends and best practices within your field. 

The Assistant Director relies heavily on high school instructors to ensure accuracy in grading, class rosters, and attendance. Due to the volume of sections that are offered much of that communication takes place via email. It is expected that instructors participate in email conversations and communicate regularly with the Assistant Director if issues arise within their courses. 

Submitting grades at the end of the high school term:

Concurrent Enrollment teachers should report all student grades to the Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment within five business days of the last class session. High school Concurrent Enrollment teachers determine the grade for the course and may assign different grades for the high school credits and the Minnesota State Mankato credits. Some of our departments allow shaded grading (i.e., A+, A-, B+, B- etc). Please ask your faculty partner how they would like you to submit the university grade.

End of semester student and instructor evaluations:

Near the end of the semester, Concurrent Enrollment students and teachers will complete an evaluation of the Concurrent Enrollment course/program. Once grades have been submitted and the Institutional Research Department at Minnesota State Mankato has processed the instructor evaluations, high school teachers will receive an emailed summary report of the results.

Required annual professional development for high school teachers:

Concurrent Enrollment high school teachers are required to attend an annual professional development workshop at Minnesota State Mankato. The workshop is typically held in August and is at no cost to the high school teacher. Continuing education units are offered at no cost as well. Your faculty partner may invite you to additional workshops that may be of interest to you.

Begin Concurrent Enrollment at Your School!

We would like to visit with you about Concurrent Enrollment at your high school. Please contact the Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment at 507-389-5119 to schedule a meeting.