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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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John Chandler, Ph.D.

John has worked at the forefront of marketing and data analysis since 1999. He has worked with Fortune 100 advertisers and scores of agencies, measuring the effectiveness of advertising and improving performance. At Data Insights, John has worked with prominent companies such as eBay, LinkedIn, General Mills, Microsoft, the Sierra Club, Kraft, and a host of smaller clients. John regularly lectures to business school students at the undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. level. As of 2015 John has joined the faculty at the University of Montana School of Business Administration as a Clinical Professor of Marketing, teaching core classes in the MS of Business Analytics which he helped create. John is the founder of Data Insights and is the Chief Data Scientist for Ars Quanta, a Seattle-based data science consultancy.

Prior to these current jobs, John was Research Director at Microsoft Advertising and, before that, Principal Analyst at aQuantive, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2007 for $6.2B (and then later written off for a lot of that value). While at Atlas and Microsoft, John was a principal researcher on “Engagement Mapping”, a new industry reporting standard allows conversion attribution credit across the digital sales funnel. He was the inventor of the GRP & Reach Forecaster and co-inventor of Optimization Advisor, the Microsoft Optimization tool. He has authored numerous Digital Marketing Insights which can be found in the Microsoft Advertising research library:

John received a Ph.D. in Statistics in 2010 from the University of Montana with a focus on applying the tools of statistical learning to the challenges of large online datasets. He received his M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Washington focusing on Optimization Theory and a B.A. from Middlebury College focusing on Mathematics and Ultimate Frisbee.

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Karla Hillier

Karla has led analytics and data science teams for 10 years. She currently manages a data science team at Optum that works on health care questions like predicting disease states, and improving customer experience through better business processes. Prior to Optum, Karla worked at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group leading the analytics team supporting 1,100+ hotels globally in areas such as pricing, loyalty, call center and operations. At SUPERVALU, her team created store/item/day level forecasts for 1100+ grocery stores to improve in-stock positions, and reduce shrink. While at 3M, she was certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt, both in Design for Six Sigma as well as process-improvement Six Sigma. She has an MBA from Georgetown University in Washington DC, and a BA in Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Karla lives in Minneapolis with her husband Ian, and dog Kona. She enjoys cooking, reading, travel, walking the dog by the city lakes, and cross-country skiing (when there is snow!).

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Dave Mathias

Dave Mathias has been at the intersection of product and analytics. He is the founder of Beyond the Data. Dave's passion is bringing together people, process, technology, and data to make the world a better place. He advises clients on thinking about and communicating with data, and how their products can be elevated with data and analytics. Dave serves on the Board of Directors for MinneAnalytics and founded FARCON. Additionally, he serves on the Boards of Minnesota Product Development & Management Association and Ally People Solutions. Prior to these current roles, Dave led the development and implementation of various analytics-driven products at organizations like U.S. Bank, Aon, and Solera.

Dave received a J.D. from Drake University, M.S. in Information Assurance from Iowa State University, and a B.S. in Chemistry from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Always a student, Dave continues to take classes, attend seminars, read books, and listen to podcasts at 2x.

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