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Learning together, taking action, making a difference

Continuing Education and Professional Development promotes access to educational opportunities for all learners through regular academic courses, continuing and professional education, and lifelong learning opportunities provided by the University. A few of the University's programs for lifelong learners:

Mankato Area Lifelong Learners (formerly MSU for Seniors)

Mankato Area Lifelong Learners (Formerly MSU for Seniors) welcomes anyone 50 years or older who wishes to share the joys of learning and friendship in an academic setting.

Classes are usually taught by members who share their knowledge and experience in areas of interest. There are no prerequisites, examinations or grades. Special events and social activities provide opportunities to make new friends. Minnesota State Mankato for Seniors is affiliated with the Elderhostel Institute Network.

Good Thunder Reading Series

The Good Thunder Reading Series began as Minnesota State Mankato's contribution to a set of informal exchanges between faculty writers at several state universities in Minnesota. Since 1983, the series has committed itself to programs that balance emerging and established talent drawn from Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and the rest of the nation.

The standard schedule involves six one-day residencies during the academic year, in addition to the Robert C. Wright Minnesota Writers Conference and the Eddice R. Barber Visiting Writer program.

All events are open to the public. The audience includes students, faculty, and community members from Mankato and more rural areas in south central Minnesota.

Kessel Institute

The Kessel Institute for the Study of Peace and Change is dedicated to advancing the understanding and the existence of peace at all levels, from the individual to the global community. The Institute sponsors seminars and workshops, public lectures, artistic and cultural presentations, and other school-and community-based activities.



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