Neurological Music Therapy:

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                       Collaborations with Speech-Language Pathologists                

                            Best Practices for Adults & Adolescents, and Practitioner Self Care         

Music, both motivating and enjoyable, can evoke a very basic human response which spans all degrees of ability/disability and all ages.  By utilizing various Music Therapy techniques, the development of communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, can be enhanced.                                               


 In this workshop, through lecture, demonstration, and experiential learning, we will discuss:

  • The neurobiology of processing music.

  • How music is used in a therapeutic manner to accomplish non-musical goals.

  • Co-treating with Speech-Language Pathologists.  

This workshop will help participants: 

  • Become familiar with how music works to change the brain.

  • Aquire practical applications in working with the populations noted above.

  • Learn hands-on activities to apply to daily practice. 

  • Videos, case examples, and experience with song writing for therapeutic purposes will be explored in an atmosphere of humor and fun! Cl